About Lara

Hi! I’m Lara Heacock, and I believe, so strongly, in being kind to yourself.

My Kind Over Matter story began after decades of trying to check all the “right” boxes…

I got the degree (in Psychology) and then an MBA. I got a house and a husband, and I poured my heart and soul into a very successful 11 year career as a professional recruiter and leader.

I was the strong one holding everyone else up, determined to maintain the image that I had everything perfectly under control, and could do it all! I was the good one, the reliable one, the one who had it all together, but I wasn’t happy. There was nothing left for me.

Eventually, I was exhausted. I couldn’t fall asleep at night and had no energy during the day. I felt disconnected, misunderstood and angry…a lot…especially at my husband. Even though I’d cultivated this ‘perfect’ image, I still struggled with how I felt when I looked in the mirror, but I thought it was weak to share any of this. After all, I was the strong one! What would people think?

I was not good at asking for help, and kept hoping that staying busy and having nice stuff would make me feel better.

When I realized that I could no longer get out of bed on time to get to work, and that I was procrastinating everything because I felt insecure & anxious, I knew something had to change. My emotional balloon was about to burst!

I started being kind to & taking care of myself, and everything changed. I was happier, felt balanced and got “me” back! My marriage improved and my stress level went WAY down. I even found the courage to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an Executive Life Coach. It was the start of a journey that changed my life.

I will never forget sitting in my first day of coaching training and admitting that I was afraid everything was fake and there was nothing underneath.

Guess what?

  • There was SO MUCH underneath the façade of perfect!
  • Everyone feels this way, and the courageous choice is to ask for help.
  • We are just as important as the people we love and serve
  • It’s pretty fabulous to embrace imperfections, and having support is magically life-changing!

You can’t do it alone either, and you don’t have to.

When I learned to love and take care of myself, everything changed. I found my inner light. I built a foundation of self-kindness and acceptance, and am now better equipped to handle what life throws at me. Through my training, I was able to re-claim my self-worth, self-respect and creativity.

If I can change, so can you!

Since then, I’ve spent hundreds of hours helping others:

  • Make time for self-care without sacrificing success
  • Set healthy boundaries and stop overcommitting
  • Feel fully engaged in life
  • Better serve the world
  • Finally feel like they’re enough

Life is short, and you deserve to enjoy yours fully!

Let me show you how.

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I no longer live ‘on the defensive’ at work. I practice ‘doing the right thing’ daily, based on facts and my expertise. I can keep my calm much more effectively (instead of going into emotional melt down), and I know how to soothe my primitive brain. Giving this part of me a name, learning to hear it and having the option to put it to one side has helped me hugely with my confidence. I feel like an equipped adult capable of playing in adult spaces safely. I have recognized some of my key attributes and strengths, the properly deep core strengths I possess, not the superficial horoscope type strengths, but those on which my identity is based. This has even encouraged me back to passions and interests I had as a child and teenager that I put aside to focus on ‘academic’ pursuits.
- Nicola, Marketing Professional, UK
Thanks Lara, it was great working with you. I gained clarity around my thinking and learnt how to look at things in a more realistic way. You helped me to prioritise my needs, put myself first and honour my achievements. You are a very good listener, understanding, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, insightful and resourceful. I highly recommend you as a coach.
- Donna, photographer, Australia
I signed up for life coaching with Lara, originally because I was staring down a ten year anniversary of a negative life changing event. Not only did she help me experience the anniversary with kindness towards myself and others, we continued working together afterwards while I struggled with much confusion and sadness. I am so grateful for the support Lara has provided this last year. I felt kind of listless; I had nothing huge and scary left to prove to myself and wasn't sure what direction to go. I am definitely on a journey to accept all of myself and listen to my heart with the many tools Lara introduced me to.  I am enough 🙂
- Val, professional, Canada
Coaching with Lara has been a simultaneously calming and invigorating experience. From her, I've learned specific practices that help me immensely with decision-making, prioritizing, connecting to myself and others kindly, focusing on my values and making progress with gentleness.
- Rachelle, Organic Farmer, Canada
THEN: I had no job satisfaction, no ambition and just no lust for life. I knew I had to make a change in my life for me to be really happy. NOW: I am in touch with my inner kid and my adult badass. I love my new job and I know I wouldn't have found it without you directing me through the search process. You understood my situation and helped me get to a place where I not only fit, but where I can grow.  So, so, so happy.
- Marina, Director of Training, PA