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The Life Raft is an inspirational, mystical guide for any of us caught in a tempest of challenges. Its union of powerful words and color photos will heal, inspire, and sustain the soul. Written by a bona-fide life crisis survivor, the author experienced many of life’s biggest lumps-including a violent childhood, a parent’s early death, teen pregnancy, divorce, single parenthood, debilitating chronic pain, financial failure, and more. One page at a time, The Life Raft shows us how to be courageous in the face of all uncertainty (and one’s own history). It embraces the bold notion that despite setbacks, hardships, and tragedy-life is worth fighting for! This book is the literal lifeline-back to one’s truest self.

 Excerpt: Introduction

My Story

I’m floating on a small wooden raft in the middle of the ocean, sun hanging low. My skin begins to prickle. Above me, I sense the bluest sky slipping into black. A flock of fears fly into my chest, heart pounding against ribs, a terrified animal trapped in its cage.

Suddenly, in the distance, a magnificent ship emerges from the thick brume. I plunge both arms into the freezing gray waters, rowing toward it like a chicken with my hair on fire. On cue, the waves swell higher. The wind blows harder. The air turns colder. And then, the boat turns away.

Oh my god! I scream. Hey, I’m over here. Don’t you see me?

Instead, it only grows smaller and smaller, gliding back toward the horizon.

I’m not going to make it . . . And I’ve come all this way.

And then the ship—the one I thought would save me—is gone.

My eyes opened. I was alive; lying in my dry, warm bed. But I knew what this nightmare had meant: my hopes, my dreams, my very life. They were all crumbling. Washing away. Tears gushed forth. OK, it was more like untethered wailing. I didn’t want to freak out the neighbors, so I reached for a pillow to muffle the sobs. But then another part of me realized—this primal grief had released a heavy psychic pain. Truth be told, I’d been sinking for a long, long time.

Anxiety embraced me. Sorrow squeezed my hand. Depression kissed my lips.

In the beginning, these dark feelings had crossed my inner threshold as only temporary, tolerable houseguests. At some point along the way, however, they had settled in and made themselves at home. I had let them stay too damn long.

That is the moment I began to shift. I was fed up with feeling so wrung out and miserable. Like a frog stuck on the same stone and pondering its existence, my eyes blinked and opened wider. I could suddenly see farther out into the pond than ever before.

In search of answers that morning, I sat down to write out the major bumps and bruises of my past, then leaned back and took it all in. A heavy sigh shivered out of me. I guess I thought once I’d gotten all that crap out of my head and onto some paper, I’d feel better. But the facts only stared back at me. A dark swirl of sadness stirred in my gut.

“The Life Raft” includes sections such as:


Shed the Pain                                                          You’re Learning


We Are the Clay                                                      The Legend of You


Decide, Then Act                                                     The Secret to Being Brave

This book is as much about your hopes and dreams, as it is survival.

Its commitment goes beyond my story—and now flows into yours.

It’s meant to remind each of us how to be courageous in the face of all uncertainty (and one’s own history). To embrace the bold notion that life—despite setbacks, hardships, and tragedy—can get better. To help each of us rise above what are often (let’s face it) unbearable circumstances.

Because as we each rise, we not only change our own story, but like ever-expanding waves, we change other lives, too.

And maybe, before we leave this body, we’ll make our biggest splash yet!

Wherever you are in life, if it feels like a tidal wave has washed away your reservoirs of strength, then this is the very moment to look into the mirror and accept the call . . . to overcome.

Remember your power.

CJ Schepers is a champion of the weary and the brave. She ghostwrites and edits books that transform the world from her cozy concrete nest in Santa Monica. Her purpose is to give us hope in our darkest moments and loneliest, most terrifying junctures. A former award-winning religion reporter, her first solo book is The Life Raft: Rise Above the Tides & Rescue Your Dreams (Amazon  Barnes & Noble). She has two groovy daughters, three spunky g-kids and lives with her man Ted and their crazy adorable cats. CJ’s current fever is Blackcat-Whitecat: The Land of Lost Dreams, a sci-fi fantasy she’s co-writing with Emma, her beloved cat from “the other side.” Ask her (almost) anything at,

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