I am Not a Weed

Like the tree that I am, with my head held high
The future golden and bearing nigh, why I won’t surrender?
I’ll tell you why.

I have had to struggle from a small seed.
But I grew tall and strong cause I’m not a weed.

I’ve been all alone, from the day of my birth.
A man-child, some say with dreams out of bound.
I’ll rise every time you knock me down; I belong in the skies, not on the ground.

Just try to break me, my words you best heed;
For I’m a mighty Baobab, I’m not a weed.

From Europe to the continent, I represent
All the trees that refused to be cut; refusing to surrender their mind and soul
Whose stories yet remain untold

Try to break them, and you’ll not succeed
For they are beautiful redwoods, they are not weeds.

With roots that run deep, their trunks making a treacherous ascent.
From Beethoven to Amazing Grace
There are many prayers yet left to present.

Try to crush me, and you will recede
Just back on off, cause I’m not a weed.

A majestic Oak,
Words my grandmother spoke; a graceful willow
Swaying with the wind; that will not break, but I can bend.

Try to bring me down, and you will need
A mightier power, for I’m not a weed.

Try to turn me around,
And I’ll center again. Try to crush my soul
And I will defend.

A Banyan Tree, A Formosa Flame
Other trees not known by name,

With roots that hold strong, I’m a splendid tree;
Swaying with the wind, powerful and free
See, I’m not a weed, I’m a yellow pine tree.

Strong, beautiful trees indeed
Each just like me; they are not weeds.

Look back on my life; you’ll say yes indeed,
He is a beautiful Ponderosa Pine,
From a manly seed.

I will take on the world, that holds my fate
My future I refuse to negotiate

The Eucalyptus fragrant and tall,
The mighty Cypress tree,
Giants all.

Look at them, and you will see
Epic in proportion, they are just like me.
For I am the Giant Sequoia tree.

Gloria Curry-Foster was born and raised in a small town in rural North Florida. The eighth of ten children, she grew up on a working farm that provided all of the family’s needs. Gloria has an Ed.S in Higher Education/Research and a Masters Degree in Counseling. She is currently working on her memoir which focuses on the life and times of her father, a World War 1 veteran. Gloria has a special passion for the elderly and disabled. A few of her interests are Blogging, wood-burning, giving motivational speeches and writing short stories. After being told by a teacher that she was “dumb and would never amount to anything," Gloria’s goal was to prove her wrong, thus her lifelong pursuit of learning and education. She can be reached at curryfoster5@gmail.com

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