Be a Kindness Hero

As Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow, we start to hear a lot about heroes. We think of those who fought for freedom and to make a better world. Those people are capital H Heroes for sure. There are also heroes who make the world a better place in a different way. Maybe it’s by volunteering time, helping those less fortunate, advocating for animals, donating money or being politically involved. All of those people are heroes, as well.

You know who else is a hero?
Anyone who shows kindness to a stranger.
Anyone who doesn’t yell back at the person who flips them off in traffic.
Anyone who kindly questions the intentions of a cranky colleague instead of talking about them behind their back.
Anyone who takes the time to compliment someone for a job well done.
Anyone who cares for themselves and practices self-kindness.

Heroes make the world a better place and there are endless ways to do that. As we honor the capital H Heroes, let’s also honor ourselves for being kindness heroes. You’re making the world a better place and that’s the best definition of being a hero there is.

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