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How “tapped in” are you to your creativity? How about your spiritual connection? You know, the sense that there is something greater than your conscious awareness, some force which surrounds and supports you. Yes, much like “The Force” in Star Wars.

Did you know that creativity can be a portal for deeper access to that powerful force?

I’m celebrating an anniversary this month. Not my wedding anniversary, though that’s also in June. No, this is an unusual sort of anniversary. I’ve now been doing a daily spiritual practice for 20 years. My creativity is fully entwined with my spiritual journey.

When I began my practice, I wanted to tap into that deeper connection to the force. I also wanted to learn to read Tarot cards. I started out with a 3-card draw each morning, and journaled about my discoveries. I would pause and center myself before drawing cards for the day. Gradually that practice expanded to include more meditation and I eventually stopped drawing cards each day. I also began to include prayer in my practice and to expand my daily journaling process.

I’d wanted to be a writer ever since I was a child but I hadn’t done much with it after college. Over the years I uncovered a strong connection between my creativity – which was quite blocked when my practice began – and my spiritual connection. Starting with interpreting Tarot cards helped me tap in more fully. I’m now working on revisions for my fifth book.

Many people think that in order to do daily spiritual practice you have to be committed to one of the “big 3” – meditation, yoga or mindfulness. Not so.

My partner Brent had trouble with the idea of a daily spiritual practice for quite a while. He’s a free spirit. Doing the same practice each day sounded incredibly boring to him. Then he opened to the idea that his focus didn’t have to be the same every single day. Now his spiritual practice varies. He begins with getting centered. Then he might journal and sketch, play the ukulele, drum or dance. Brent has found his creative portal and consciously visits it each day, passing through it into deeper spiritual awareness.

Creativity really is a magical portal to deeper spirituality and all of us have access to that portal. Yes, you too! When you are fully immersed in your creativity you’re “in the zone.” Time stretches out. Your usual mental chatter goes on “pause” mode and you’re very present in that moment. Most creative people acknowledge that when you’re in that creative zone, the work feels like it is coming through you rather than from you.

It’s a perfect description of what happens in a daily spiritual practice.

My work as a writer has allowed me to deepen and strengthen my spiritual connection and has supported my practice. “Of course it has,” you might say, “because you’re writing about spirituality!” But it’s not just the topic matter. My fiction writing also fosters that deeper connection.

By immersing yourself in the flow of creativity you allow your creative portal to open. With practice and conscious allowing, your connection to the force will seep into all parts of your life. You become attuned to that point of stillness and presence. You relish how time stretches out before you as you bring forth new ideas and creations.

It’s kind of addictive – in a good way.

When you’re immersed in your creative flow there is an embodied joy that suffuses you. It is our nature as human beings to create. When you cultivate this creative joy it can lead you to a daily practice that anchors you in your spirituality. It brings more equilibrium into your daily life.

The key is to make it a habit. Start by setting aside at least 15 minutes each day to get creative, in whatever way most appeals to you. You might not get into the flow every time, especially at first. But as you continue to hold space for your creativity and connection you’ll discover the portal for yourself.

Open your heart and walk through the portal to the other side. Do it as often as possible. As your practice becomes habit, you’ll grow to love it. You’ll notice the positive effects your practice has on all parts of your life. You won’t want to let a day pass by without getting “in the zone.”

Your deepening connection will ripple outward, from you and your experience, to your circle of family and friends, into the community and eventually the cosmos. When you open your creative portal, powerful magic will happen. Try it and discover this magical connection for yourself.

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