Being on the receiving end of kindness

Being kind to others is one of the biggest little things you can do. In 2014 I set out to do 1 kind act per day and #365DaysofKind was born. Each day I would find something kind to do, from leaving an extra quarter in a parking meter to helping someone carry boxes or giving my umbrella away on the streets of Philadelphia! The year had a massive impact on me in more ways than I can count. Three years later I still find myself holding doors a little longer than I used to and offering to help out random strangers.

Kindness is a value I hold and something I enjoy practicing. It has always been fashionable to me and I’ve never expected it to be returned…which is probably why I delight so much when I’m on the receiving end!

After our sweet kittyboy died, we received all kinds of kindness. From phone calls, texts and comments to cards and flowers, it was truly a gift. During that time I got a Facebook message from a sweet Kindergarten teacher in Hawaii who has been a part of the KOM family for years. She asked for my address and last week a plain tan envelope arrived. I was out of town when it came and hubs sent me a picture of the envelope. When I got home I ripped into it immediately and my heart melted! It contained 22 pictures drawn by 22 Kindergartners in Hawaii and a note from one very kind teacher. She explained that her students love to do acts of kindness and they decided I would be the lucky recipient of one.

I looked through each of them – I couldn’t get through the pile fast enough! I wanted to see every single one. I looked through it a little more slowly the 2nd time, and when hubs got home we looked at it together.

Those kind Kindergartners and their incredibly kind teacher are getting a personal Thank You video from me, and I wanted to share what they did publicly as well. These kids and their teacher truly exemplify kindness. They had no motivation other than to bring some joy into someone’s life…and they did that 22 times over.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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