Friday, November 9, 2012

Another Kind Bomb with Catina jane Arts!

Thank you Catina, I love you like crazy!

You can check out Catina's first kind bomb here & all the rest of them here!

Do you want to join in? I'd love to share you spreading some love via video, contact me!

Happy weekend loves!

Connect with Catina & her gorgeous art here:

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Catina jane Gray is a self taught Artist & Shiner of LOVE. She lives in sunny florida. She is a Jesus freak, color junky, bike rider, and in love with sending hope to the hopeless. :: "My art is a outlet for working out my struggles in life. I tend to paint myself reminders to never give up, always hope & to keep shining love. I have had a long struggle with an anxiety disorder and it can be a very discouraging battle but I find the more I paint messages of hope for the world to see the more I find myself hoping, trusting, & believing! I believe hope is contagious & love is fearless... and we are more amazing then we may ever know!! God bless you all!" ::
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ClaireLopez said...

I remember the leaves and STILL want to do that. Love this idea tooooooo!!

Jessica Green said...

It's one thing to spread joy and another to push a particular belief. I'm an atheist and if I found a god card, I'd throw it away. It wouldn't make me smile at all. I find "Jesus loves you" to be delusionally exclusive. Let's stick with I like you for you and leave the whole religion thing out of it.

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