Friday, June 8, 2012

Thoughts on Finding Your Way Online with Susannah Conway

photo by Susannah Conway

I'm really, really excited to welcome Susannah here today. She's been a long time sponsor of Kind Over Matter, she shared a beautiful post about Kindness & Online Friendships for the Kind Kindred series almost 2 years ago now.

I've been following her journey for much longer than that though. Her online space was one of the first I stumbled across in this gorgeous creative community we are all a part of now.

When she asked if I would be open to having her share here today as part of her virtual book tour, instant YES! She's here so we can join her in the celebration of her book being released this week!

This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart

I'm not sure where to begin with this book, I've read it & it's... soul balm. As most of you know, I recently went through a period of grief after we found out that Zenin had Autism. In the first chapter of the book she talks about her period of intense grief after she lost her partner. It's the most real & honest text I've ever read about grief. I was nodding my head with tears in my eyes, saying, Yes... Yes... It felt so good to read her truth. I felt my shoulders relax. I felt less alone in my process.

This I Know shares her story. Her journey after her partner died without warning. She shares how she reconnected with her creativity & used it to heal. How she started a blog & found community. The book is peppered with her stunning polaroids & each chapter ends with a reflection, a creative prompt for the reader. It's her path of self-love & she gently invites us to walk with her, embracing who we are & it's so, so breathtaking.

It's one of those books that you want to buy a handful of to gift to all women that you love, or just to have on hand to give to a beautiful soul who's life just unearthed a tragedy.

I know many of you are just beginning to share yourself online, or you've expressed that you want to, or you have been sharing for awhile. In Chapter 9, The Art of Belonging, Susannah talks about sharing YOU online, finding your way, connecting with like-minded people on similar paths & then meeting those beautiful people... offline. So, I asked her to share a bit of her wisdom on how to begin, how to walk that path of healing & self-discovery because that's what many of us are doing in so many different ways & mediums here online. When we share our truths, our ordinary, our lives, we not only heal ourselves but we help others to walk into the light & love of self & life. When we celebrate ourselves & each other, everything changes.

Thank you so much Susannah, for being so beautifully you & sharing here today. Your unravelling has & will continue to inspire many. BIG CONGRATS & Love to You!

Thoughts on Finding Your Way Online with Susannah Conway:

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Michelle McGrath said...

lovely and authentic insights as ever Susannah xxx

Robyn Posson said...

Your advice and wisdom could not have arrived at a better time.  I am taking steps to create my own little space online, and have been working on my first post.  I'm not intimidated about writing (in fact, I believe I write very well), but the post sounded more like an educational session. (The teacher in me, I suppose.)  Thanks to your advice about writing what's going on with me and speaking from the heart, I have begun to rewrite it, and it is coming so much easier this time.

I look forward to reading This I Know.  Many blessings from my heart to yours.

-j- said...

I love this. I could never be so real and utterly at ease on film. Susannah is delightful.

sara said...

loved it! many thanks

Aubrey said...

I've had a blog created for a while, but haven't used it. It felt too...big. Almost like the buying a pretty journal and not wanting to write in it. :) Listening to your words had me digging up the details on the site and starting to make it my own even before you were done. Great advice and means so much coming from you--a blogger I respect for being honest and talented. Thanks for this!

Susannah Conway said...

 thank you, Aubrey! and i know EXACTLY what you mean about the pretty journal factor ;-)

Susannah Conway said...

 thanks, Sara!

Susannah Conway said...

 aw, thanks, love! it's taken many years of practice ;-)

Susannah Conway said...

 Yay Robyn! I'm really happy to hear that :)

Susannah Conway said...

 thanks, Michelle!

Olivia said...

Wow... I have to say that your timing on this post is perfect for me. I have just cracked the lid on a blog myself. I had tried creating a blog in the past, but like Aubrey, if felt to big for me. My approach was infused with all kinds of pressure to be brilliant and topical. My new blog is going to be just me, which is at once a relief and serioulsy scary! It feels right though. I have not even posted yet... But it honestly already feels like a nice place I look forward to pleading time in. This was a treat to read, and it felt like you made it just for me! Thanks so so much!

Kirstie Fitzgerald said...

Oh wow. I am so looking forward to reading this - I've just ordered it. Thanks for such a lovely review!

Marie said...

I was the exact same while reading the book - nodding with tears in my eyes. Susannah's words and wisdom and truth touched me on such a deep level. I love the vlog too - she has this calm, easy way about her that makes you think 'if I give it time and really put my heart into it, blogging can be amazing'. Thank you for sharing this. :-)

Juliette Nolan said...

I just watched this vlog TWICE (i know!) And it made me have a little cry actually i have been blogging on my business website for some time and sharing 'wisdom' because I am a coach/hypnotherapist and thought this was what clients would need! Trouble was some days/lots of days I just did't really feel wise . It felt exhausting to have to come up with 'actionable steps' and thought'stunning insights'. So I would leave it a week or a month i was sporadic at best . Then in the buildup to publishing a book i got hooked into the intimidating idea of having to build a "platform" - yikes! I was suffering from what I term SID (statistically Induced Depression) it was all too much.

This vlog has made me realise that i want to blog or maybe even vlog just for me authentically speaking my truth from the heart with no other agenda besides connection so tomorrow Iwill begin again ! New blog or vlog about to be warnedfolks you heard it here first! Much love susannah and thank you xx

Juliette Nolan said...

And sorry about the atrocious spelling/grammar . I was using a touch keypad with a crazy predictive text thing which chucks in randomness left, right and centre!!:-)

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