Friday, February 17, 2012

Say Hello, Introduce Yourself, Promote Yourself, Share What You Do!

(stationery by sparrownestscript on etsy)

Hi all! It's been awhile since I've posted a meet & greet post, so I wanted to do that today!

I want this post to be a space where you can connect with like-minded folks, where new & seasoned readers can visit to link up with each other, always.

Look for the button on the left sidebar, just below the Newsletter opt-in box... click on over any time.

In the comments below, feel free to say hello, share what you do & why, what your purpose on this planet is, what you may need help with or how you can help someone else. These all are just suggestions, feel free to say whatever you wish. Link out to your sites, shops, projects, products, courses... the sky really is the limit here!

Share this post with anyone you feel may need it.

Don't be shy, maybe someone really needs to connect with you & your message at this very moment.

I'm wishing you all a beautiful & peaceful day.


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Ashleigh Broadfoot said...

Hi! My name is Ashleigh I am 19, almost 20 and If I was to write my purpose in life is, well it would be to make the world a better place by making people with disabilities and illnesses more accepted. I also feel my special purpose at this current time is to help my friend with depression as she needs to be able to see that she is special, and that she is loved. I send her to this site every now and then just to cheer her up.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Dani said...

Hello! My names Dani and I'm 27. For most of  my life I've been blighted by mental health problems, but I use your free printables and place them in public places - The reason I link the two is because I generally feel that if I can't make myself feel better, then at least I can try and makes someone else's day better. I love the anonymity of it and love hearing people's reactions to them from afar.
I am also an artist/jewellery maker and all round crafty person. I do have a facebook page for the jewellery and a deviant art portfolio for all my work. I firmly believe that the world needs more compassion - whether it be towards others or towards yourself, and I believe in the power of kindness and try to practise random acts of kindness whenever I can. I love this site because it really touches my soul and helps give me a different and more reflected persepective when things feel overwhelming.

I still don't know what it is that I want to do with my life, but I do know I want to do something that makes a difference and maybe my experiences of pain and suffering can ultimately be put to good use.

Much love to everyone! xx

Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

My name is Lindsay and I'm 22. :)Currently I live in Belgium, English is not my first language.. but I do love travelling, that's why I practice my English skills as much as I can. 
I'm a mixed media artist / art journaler, photographer, lucid dreamer and writer.. oh, and a blog addict, both reading and writing! As highly sensitive person I try to inspire people with my art & macro photography but also through a project I'm currently working on: Travel hearts - tiny handmade hearts I ship worldwide, or just stick on public windows. (trains, trams etc)Mostly you can find me at my blog Dryada Journals: Since a couple of days I decided to write English poetry & small stones, which is kinda difficult for me since it is not my first language. Anyways, if you wish to read them, you can find them right here: Other ways to connect with me, you can find at Much greetings :)Lindsay

Tracy Bakkelokken said...

Hello, my name is Tracy. I am 39, hailing from the USA, but now living in Norway with my wonderful husband and sweet cat-boy. I'm an artist exploring the path where creativity & spirit meet. My yoga & Buddhist practices inform my creative work. Currently engaged in creating for my shop hosted at Etsy--offering a range of handmade art, jewelry & gifts designed to nurture and enhance the Divine Feminine Spirit. And a year ago I began painting again for the first time in many years which has brought such great JOY. My purpose is to engage with and support other creative spirits on this life's journey, where art is at the forefront of making dreams possible!

You can find me here:

Kate Rowan said...

Hey lovlies! I'm Kate and I'm a stay-at-home mama and blogger in a tiny mountain town in SW Colorado. I love my life and blogging is an outlet for me to keep my creative juices flowing!
Come visit me at my blog

Erin Goodman said...

What a fun idea!

I'm Erin Goodman and I'm a yoga teacher and interfaith minister who works in the context of family and community.

Erin Goodman said...

Ha! And I hit post too soon. ;-)

You can find me at, where I just released my latest "Behind the Blog" podcast and am getting ready to announce my next online family program!

I'm also at:

Organic Water System said...

Hi! I love this website and it's lovely to be invited to say hello! My name is Sunny and I am British but live in Arizona with my husband, children, horses and dogs! Over 2 years ago I came down with dibilitating shingles caused by stress and I healed myself with Buddhism, yoga and learning to play the piano :) For work I help people to support their health - I manufacture a custom water system that removes carcinogens like chlorine and other contaminants from water for a chemical-free home, and I also provide natural, gluten-free health support products at Thank you for this website and it's lovely to meet you all!! PS I'm giving away a water system through my FB page right now

Christina Berry said...

Hello everyone! I'm so happy to "meet" you! I'm Chrissy, and I blog at There you'll find links to my Facebook, Twitter, and other blog. I blog about intentional living and leaving a legacy. I can't wait to check out your blogs and social media pages!

DeAnne Olguin Williamson said...

Hi I'm DeAnne and I'm a mixed media artist and blogger. You can visit me at I write about art, passion and possibility. I love this meet & greet. Great idea!

Helen Tremethick said...

Thanks, Amanda!
I love reading these comments! Everyone is involved in such interesting, dynamic things. Congrats to all of you for finding and moving toward your dreams!

You can find me in a variety of places on the web but my favourite friend is a little writing and editing business called, The Communications Distillery.

My clients are social and creative entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed by their To-Do Lists. We work together on anything from blog posts to eclasses, from web content to applications forms. My office overlooks a schoolyard so I work to the sound of children at play. I'm a lucky girl.

Feel free to get in touch anytime. I love meeting new people!

Jill said...

you are a very brave and very special woman!! i wouls also like to say what a wonderful friend you are to your friend in need! the world is a very lucky to have people such as yourself. BIG hugs~ jill

Mmwatrs68 said...

Hello My Name is Monique... I live in Minnesota... I am a Mom to an 8 year old and a wife of 10 years... I stay at home at this time... I love to blog and learn in all different ways... I love to stay in shape and eat well and learn more about that...

Amandine Mai Hiver said...

Good morning to all! My name is Amandine, and I am a mixed media artist and gardener in the process of fine tuning my talents and trying to find more time to blog about it.  You can find links to my Etsy shops, FB and Twitter pages on my crafty bookish blog or my gardening blog  I'm looking forward to visiting some of the other blogs and sites below.  What great fun!  Thank you for hosting this, so glad I happened on a RT about this just a few moments ago!

Haley Snyder said...

Hi Everyone!!!  Thank you for giving this opportunity, what a neat idea.  My name is Haley, and I am a student and Direct Services Provider at a group home here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  
I  have a jewelry business (Affirmations of Beauty) that I started about 5 months ago.  I have always made jewelry, but decided it was time to put it out there for other people, the idea behind the business is that the jewelry serves as a reflection of the client's inner beauty.  I hope that every time someone dons this jewelry, they are reminded of the love and the divinity that lies within them.  I also blog about my experiences in this wild life (That Which Doesn't Kill Us), and a facebook page by the same name which is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging the readers.  I am a licensed cosmetologist, an avid singer, and a lover of people.  I am so blessed to 'meet' you all.You can find me at:Etsy: "Affirmations of Beauty" FB page: "That Which Doesn't Kill Us":"That Which Doesn't Kill Us" FB page: 

Beryl said...

Hello All. I'm Beryl, chief photography muse over on my blog  I believe in nourishing the soul with lifelong
learning, photographic healing, & a glass half full perspective. My
little space on the web began as a healing outlet after the loss of
our first daughter due to stillbirth in 2009.  I used photgraphy to
heal my soul and I now teach photography classes and and provide
mentoring aimed at teaching others (especially those dealing with
grief and loss) how to improve their camera skills and cherish life’s

Compassioninallthings said...

What a beautiful opportunity :)

My name is Erica and I have recently published my first book called the In-Between.  It is for people who are in the midst of the In-Between's in their life and need a little encouragement and kindness in that place. 

I also am the owner of Radiant Life Coaching which helps you find your Radiant Life. 

I have been sharing my writing and using it more as my tool to help heal the world and you can find more about any of these things at

Or my Radiant Life Coaching FB page-!/pages/Radiant-Life-Coaching/174778735918290
Or the In-Between page-!/ericastaab

I believe that we are all here to help share, guide, heal and learn from one another and I am so excited to be amongst kindred spirits! :)

I can't wait to hear more :)
Sending love,

brenxo said...

Hi all ::

My name is Brenda and I am a social worker for a charity in Houston. My nature is to help, so I feel that my job matches up well :) I love to meet new people and am so inspired by the positivity some exhale. In a world of so many bad things, I gravitate to the good - it keeps me hopeful and grateful of all I'm blessed with.

Laurie said...

Hello - I am Laurie, co-owner of Creative Connection, Inc.  Creative Connection, Inc. represents the beautiful designs of 20+ incredibly creative and caring artists.    I love Kind Over Matter's Inspirational posts and "kindness" sharing.  Thank you for your uplifting page!  On a personal note,  I am married for 25 years and mother to three grown children - the youngest is 17...  I keep active playing volleyball and wallyball a few times a week, and I am blessed to be part of a church active in mission.

Polly~ said...

Hi everyone~

 I am the BEing known as Polly. I am perpetually, irritatingly happy and welcome life as one grand adventure after another. I have one beautiful daughter who lives in South Africa with her beloved husband and two darling boys. I live in northern Colorado, where I work as an Executive Administrative Assistant for our municipality. My goal is to be a Life Coach, as I do my best work when I inspire others to success. I am a creative manifester, positive thinker, and motivator of many and I am ready for the love of my life to find me when he is ready. Life is a journey to be shared.

Thekla Richter said...

Hi, I'm Thekla and I help solopreneurs become more productive and less stressed as a time management coach. I also am beginning to work with parents who want to improve their work life balance. And, I write blogs on time management and parenting. Would love to connect with people interested in these topics! and

Mary Mickelson said...

Hi, my name is Mary and I'm a 43 year old mom from Minnesota. We adopted our 7 year old daughter through the China Special Needs program 5 years ago and have just started paperwork to add a boy to our family.
I do volunteer work for a charity called Love Without Boundaries ( I run the foster care program that took care of my daughter. LWB changes lives, I'm proud to be a part of that.

Johanna Ely said...

Hiiiieeeee...I'm Hanna, Thee Good Girl...  I revamp vintage jewelry & play mommy  to the sweetest 10 yr old boy.  One good girl on a quest to make beauty from ashes. You can read my daily ramblings at or check out my latest creations at  Love your blog & stalk it often ;)

Shawn of Happiestdaysdesigns said...

Hi, I'm Shawn Hull and I'm half of Hulll's Happiest Days Designs. My husband, Kevin and I create hand designed personalized porcelain china dessertware. We believe in celebrating all those happy moments in our lifetime and having little touchstones to remember the joy in our lives. So we created Hull's Happiest Days Designs, if there is  party there usually is cake! We create the cake plates, dessert dishes, and mugs to serve up little sweet treats at celebrations and act as a reminder all year through. We are currently working on a hand built porcelain Signature line to be unveiled beginning in March! So exciting cute little cake toppers, favors, and lovely centerpiece bowls all hand made at every step! Our work is often used at weddings, anniversaries, proposals, welcoming a new baby, or celebrating a new home. 
We love sending out special little gifts into the world! Its so nice to create something special for people to express their joy and happiness! We also take a percentage of our sales and donate to charities for children and the hungry. We believe everyone deserves a happiest day!

You can find us at: 

CathyH said...

Hi! Cathy Horner here. I am a full time guitar instructor and collage artist working from my 112 year old farm house in TN.  I've played guitar for nearly 40 years, recorded a CD that received international radio play and featured in Guitar Player magazine.  I've performed a lot too. Also a collage artist for about 6 years which has been supported with grants and from art galleries . My art was featured in Victorian Homes magazine.  Sometimes it's a struggle but I love what I do!

Kendra Sebelius said...

Hi I am Kendra!!! I am the creator of Embrace Self Love movement, blog, etc! My life’s passion: To empower and help guide people to love and accept
themselves, while living an authentic life. I have discovered through all of the struggles in my life, the importance of self love and acceptance, and hope to share this message in my writings, through my social media activity, and eventually as a life coach in the future! I am currently about to self commit to creating a Self Love Manifesto/Ebook which is something that feels very organic in this journey and where I am now. I am a firm believer in the power of being able to change our lives, and the importance in listening to our gut, our inner voice, and squashing the should monster and enough tyrant. I feel the Universe is speaking to me in many ways, and its current message is "The Sky's the limit"

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say hello, and share a bit about who I am and what I do. I adore your website, always share it with my followers!

Katie @ ktmade said...

Thanks for this great meet and greet! :) I really enjoy this positive space. In my day-time life, I'm studying for the bar and looking for a job as an attorney. But in my personal happy life :), I'm a seeker. I'm on a continuous journey to find that thing that makes my heart sing and figure out a way to make it my life. I love to create - crafts, words, food. And I love to share!

Estrella Azul said...

Hey everyone!

My name is Estrella Azul, and I'm a writer (doesn't that sound like it should belong in a Writer's Anonymous program?) ;-)
As my Twitter bio says I am Simple, hopeful, passionate, loving, kind, grateful, florist, emerging writer, craftswoman, blogger, readhead & complex. Puzzle even to herself.  And I shadow well ;) (no public photos of me on the internet) 
So yes, I am/do a lot of things and for getting to know me better, feel free to visit my blog "Life's a Stage"

I'm not entirely sure what my life purpose is just yet, but I do know that I love helping others out, volunteering, writing/leaving love letters for perfect strangers. 
Right now I have three jobs, of which two "in real life" ones and the "writer" one consisting of three itself. These are blogging (link above), travel writer at Milliver's Travels and associate editor of Friday Flash Dot Org

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Kendra Sebelius said...

OMG I am in LOVE with your jewelry now!!! So glad you made a comment here!!!

Allie Sheetz said...

Hey everyone! My name is Allie, I'm 22 and I am... well, everything! Just graduated from college and after living in CA for the past 6 months, am back living at home in PA - seeking to create a life for myself while uncovering numerous passions... now which is "the one"? TBD...
I love to write, prepare raw foods, practice yoga, create lots of things! 
I am also a huge lover of animals and am back and forth in deciding how I can go about work with and heal them in a way that resonates with me 
I am also pursing a dream of cultivating a life for myself on a piece of my parents property here in the country. By that I mean... gardening! building a home! Lots of big time projects... looking for the big time courage & resources to help me through..

Jo said...

Hello kind souls, I am Jo Crawford of Crafting the Sacred.  I grew up in South Africa and now live in Berkeley, CA and am passionate about art, creativity and spirituality. 

I make my living supporting creative types in making meaningful work and overcoming blocks to their creative expression through my intuitive tarot readings and creativity coaching.  I know this sounds cliched, but I really love what I do.

When I'm not working, I can be found with with my hubby and friends, working on my art journal, planning beach days or making cute printables with Amanda's kit (isn't it the bomb?!)

I'm always up for connecting with other spiritual creatives so please drop me a line.  I'll be perusing through your links soon! 
You can find me at:
Website -
Facebook -

Thank you Amanda for sharing the connection love!

DawnS said...

Hi's nice to meet you!  My name is Dawn...I'm a wife, a mom, a sister and a friend.  I'm a lover of nature, of reading and of photography.  I believe in celebrating the everyday, ordinary moments of life.  I have a shop on etsy that you can find here:

I'm also on facebook:
Is anyone here on Pinterest?

Thanks so much Amanda!

Miriam said...

Hello, Kind Community!

I am stirring a revolution of empowerment for brave hearts everywhere. I'm doing this through inspiration, free self care resources, adventurous events, coaching, retreats, and more! 

Check out

My day job is teacher, so I'm passionate about supporting teachers to take care of themselves.  I also believe that we are all teachers!

I LOVE KOM!  The positivity empowers me.  I'd like to connect with more people who are drawn to this community!

Claire Marie said...

Hello :)
I'm Claire.  I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and have just returned from a year of soul-finding in New Zealand (Go!  Go  to New Zealand if you ever get the chance!!!)  I am an energy healer, novice intuitive, and creator of not anything specific yet but I've always got a creative project on the go.  In the past 18 months my world has really expanded.  I've been experiencing a lot of personal growth and now I've just found some great online community :)  I discovered Amanda and her Kind Over Matter project last week!  This is a great meeting place and I'm really grateful of Amanda's work.
A bientot <3

Jessica Morrow said...

Hey there, everyone. 

Kate said...

 Heya Allie!

Whereabouts in PA? I just returned after five years in various parts of the country...I'm just outside of Philly now, but I've got family in Pittsburgh and Lock Haven.

Love your dream of a country life!

Kate said...

Hey folks! I'm Kate, owner, founder, and janitor at Om Shanti Naturals, where I make all-natural bath and body products -- Crap Free, Guaranteed. (And then clean up after myself. One-woman shop, and all that.)

You can buy my stuff -- it smells _awesome_, I tell you what -- at

I've lived in a bunch of places in the US, and just this winter have returned to my childhood home in Worcester, Pennsylvania. But hopefully not for long -- my plan is to buy an RV (or possibly an old bus) and travel all over the country. (Buying soap helps with this. Wink wink and all that.)

Desiree said...

Howdy y'all,
I live in Texas, just north of Ft. Worth (BTW, I don't say howdy usually). I work part-time in Children's Ministries. I spend the rest of my time devoted to my family and my passion of music and theater. My life motto is "Never regret anything because everything happens for a reason." I live and believe that daily. I am always teaching my children to keep a positive attitude, say only uplifting things, and always show compassion. I have a family blog that chronicles our family events and journies. Just this year I also started a craft blog, hoping to inspire others. Please stop by and say hello. I love making new friends. Blessings!

Traseac said...

Hi!  Thanks for the fun meet up!  I'm Tracy Weeks. I live near the sea on cape Cod, MA with my husband and three cats.  I work for a non-profit animal welfare organization - IFAW, and make jewelry in my spare time under the name New Vintage Designs.  I love having a job I feel passionate about, that makes a difference in the world, and that I go home and feel good about at night.  And, I love my sideline of making jewelry and art.  Art is a way to express the beauty in the world and the beauty inside ourselves.  Thanks Kind Over Matter for starting my day off on a lovely positive foot everyday.  I loved looking through all these posts and being  inspired by other creative and positive people.
Please check out to learn more about my wonderful organization or to see my jewelry.

Deb - home life simplified said...

I am Deb - an American married to a Brit living in Australia - and I blog at My mission in life is to help people let go of a lot of inner clutter (perfectionism, expectations, negative self talk etc) to find their own authentic way in life and the path that is right for them (not what their parents, neighbours, friends or society as a whole want them to follow) and to care for and honour themselves without seeing it as selfish!

I also have a facebook community at

Sarah Blankenship said...

Hello there!

My name is Sarah, and I am a twentysomething SAHM to my beautiful baby girl (who just turned one!). We have just recently relocated to Colorado from California, and it has been a huge change for me. We came out here without knowing a single soul!

I have struggled with anxiety and panic 'disorders' since a young age, and now I am actively trying to turn all that stuff on it's head and change my life for the better! 

I attempt to blog over at and I would love to use that space to reach out to others that are dealing with the same kind of situations!

Love to all of you, and to Amanda for kicking ass with KOM! <3

julifuchs said...

Thanks for this!! You are one of my favorite "every day" reads.
I'm Julianne. I talk about the art of being an artist at, and I showcase handmade wearable art bags and other fashion that I create from upcycled materials at  

Christina said...

Hi I'm Christina Larsen. I live by the ocean in beautiful Laguna Beach, California with my husband. I have three grown daughters. I am a writer and a retired nurse. I am in private practice doing Reiki and Hypnotherapy. I also teach natural childbirth classes using the B.A.N.I. method. I can be reached at I have really enjoyed the Kind Over Matter website. It inspires and delights...

Christina said...

Hi Sarah, Where do you live in Colorado!

Amanda Oaks said...

I just bought some soap from you Kate!  We are due for some (we only buy handmade) -- love how the universe works like that!  I'm excited to use them! :)  We have family near Philadelphia that we visit one or twice a year.  Thank you so much for sharing here today <3

Amanda Oaks said...

Thank you so much Claire :) I can totally relate to going through a  tremendous personal growth sprut, I'm there right now as well. Yay for those!  I'm so glad you're here <3

Amanda Oaks said...

You're so welcome Jo! Oh the beach! I dream of living on the west coast at least a few times a week. Yum. You are doing such important work. I love that you are lovin' up on the kit too!  <3

Amanda Oaks said...

Hey Allie!  Yes, where in PA?  We are in the southwest in the country as well. :)

Sounds like you are at a really beautiful time in your life, exciting! <3  Thank you for sharing here today! :)

Amanda Oaks said...

You're so welcome Katie, singing hearts make mine sing! Thank so much for sharing here today! <3

Amanda Oaks said...

Kendra, I adore you & I see you.  Thank you.  Your work is soooo important & I am really looking forward to your book, that's super exciting!! <3

Cynthia said...

Hi, my name is Cynthia. I have been a massage therapist for 25 years, I am also an elementary art teacher and I am a Xango distributor. Xango has incredible health and wellness products and has recently launched a new Weight loss system that is amazing. I have lost 7 lbs and 3 inches off my waist with little effort at all. Check it out at

The weight loss plan is called Favao. God Bless you all, it's fun to read everyone's story.

Amanda Oaks said...

Cathy, love what you do!  Oh guitar, oh any instrument really (I tried learning bass & piano as well) I'd love to have that talent, I've tried... oh yes, patience + practice escaped me during though ;)  I'm a big music lover, especially watching/listening/feeling live music - big kudos from me to you. <3  Thank you for sharing!

Ritama said...

Hi Amanda!

You are such a dear to do things like this! Really liking the links in the COMMENTS section too - awesome people showing up.

I'd like to say that I am The Bath Tub Diva and on my site you'll find all sorts of tips and splendid ideas for your bath time. Hope you check it out. AND, I was blessed to be a featured writer on Kind Over Matter too, so you can read that article and find out more about why I do the Bath Tub Diva blog. 

Thank you Amanda!

Cynthia said...

Hi Brenda, Cynthia here, where in Houston do you live? I also live in Houston on the west side of town

Christina Fletcher said...

What a fantastic post idea! my name is Christina Fletcher and I am... oh... I'm a lot of things. I am a happy, happy wife to my soul mate, and mom to 3 amazing children ages 9,8, and 2.5. I am  an author and have two books out as well as a Spiritually Aware Parenting consultant. Please check out my website at or my facebook page, where I spend most of my time Look forward to meeting you all and thank you for all the wonderfully inspiring things you post. Be well, happy and thrive.

Flo Gascon said...

I love this idea- so many new lovelies with whom to connect!  My name is Flo and flowing is exactly how I strive to be.  Still mastering the nuances but finding that it comes more easily the less I multi-task.  :)  I'm fortunate to be able to unfurl on the sunny Southern California coast (in San Diego) while I unschool my two beautiful daughters and enjoy my relaxed guitar-playing husband.  It's a good life in which I'm always planning new projects and hope to start up a new one soon.   I love KOM for all the inspiration, Amanda!

I'm also the founder and director of a large unschooling conference that everyone is invited to attend.  We have such a GREAT time and are always ready to welcome more friends!  Wide Sky Days is a five day event held in Sept.::

Off to check out your sites and projects...!

Amanda Oaks said...

My pleasure Helen! Isn't it awesome?!  I loved reading all these throughout my day, such greatness!

Speaking of, I LOVE your site design, simple, fresh & clean + pretty!  You're doing great work helping the overwhelmed! I also love your hair! :)

Fengshui4theom said...

Hello lovelies!  My name is Tanya Jahnke and I am a Feng Shui Expert trying to raise the vibration of the world, one home at a time.  I am the Mama to two Divine, radiant loves of my life, ages 8 and 5. I am the incredibly blessed wife of my  soul mate for many lifetimes and each day feels like an unexpected gift, a dream, a vision.  We live in a green community in Denver, Colorado...filled with oodles of kids, parks, families and joy.

You can read my daily musings on all things enlightening: energy, Feng Shui, space clearing, intuition, manifestation and  a life designed with intention.

Amanda, thank you for shining your light SO brightly into the world.  Your blog is an insane inspiration, a community of like minded beauties!  THANK YOU!

Wishing you all oceans of ease and joy,

Anonymous said...

Hi there everyone! 
What a great chance Amanda to meet and share - THANK YOU!
I am jane and i am from New Zealand (i agree with Claire Marie about how utterly awesome it is here!)
i have recently started a Business called Reframing Your Story. l combine my love of art, creativity, story telling, faerie tales, listening and healing in a juicy package for people who want to change the story they tell themselves about what has happened (and of course what will happen).
so good to read about how many wonderful women have come here and are doing their part to change the world


CoreyAnn Khan said...

Hello all, I'm CoreyAnn!

I am a SAHM who lives part-time between the Bay Area, CA & Seattle, WA. I suffer from the degenerative nervous system disease of Multiple Sclerosis.

Because I've been getting worse over the years (I'm slowly losing my eyesight & cognitive ability) I'm trying to be more purposeful and memorable in my life with my 4yo toddler.

To that end we are traveling and enjoying time together. I blog about it over at Until recently I've been silent but I chose today to begin blogging again so that my child has a journal of our life together when she's older.

Nice to meet all of you other kind and generous souls!

abccreativity said...

Amanda! This is such a great party! Yay!

Hello, I'm Andrea - Creative Dream Incubator and Activator of Creative Magic.  I use creativity and meditation to help people find their magic so they can live their dreams - best job ever.  My blog is

Darnita Howard said...

Hi everyone! I'm Darnita, a silly, cooky, artsy wonderwoman. I am a fractal artist that is now in love with photography. So, I'm working with both media. I live in the Seattle area and I don't really know other artists in the area, but I would love to make connections. I have a blog ( which needs updating but is still my sweetspot.  I love coming over to KOM and get my doses of goodness. I also love telling others what's going on at KOM. Just believe in sharing the good and paying it forward. It's nice to have this community of other conscious love-giving individuals.

DiscoveringYourDance said...

Hi everyone!  {waving hello & grinning  like the Cheshire Cat}
I'm Raven, of Discovering Your Dance, where I joyfully celebrate this dance of life and assist other women in discovering their own true dance through coaching.   I'm 31 & live in North Carolina with my husband, where we just bought a house, and hope to become a mommy in the next few years.  I love crafting and arts, cooking, reading, and celebrating life.  It's lovely to meet all of you here at this wonder of the worldwide web that is KOM! 

I have a really fun & free ecourse about finding joy you can  sign up for here.        

Jo said...

 Thanks Amanda - kudos to you for all your work and community building as well.  Let's hope you and your boys make it to at least one beach this summer <3

Mary Martin said...

OH my what lovely work you do!

Alexis Yael said...


I'm Alexis Yael and I'm a photographer and a writer (and a whole lot of other stuff). I blog about my wabi sabi life over at

Notthetwins said...

Hi beautiful people! My name is Cara, I'm 22 years old, and live in Southern CA. I like to think that I'm a caring, compassionate person who loves to be inspired by others' amazing talents and stories. I'm currently attending Acupuncture and TCM school and teaching figure skating - my two great loves! Life can be stressful, but visiting wonderful sites like this one remind me how beautiful it is, too!

Ellen said...

Hi! My name is ellen and I live in a suburb of Chicago. I have been teaching first grade for over 11 years. I do not create anything to sell but I love art and try to be creative in ways to reach the children I teach. I am a single parent to six children. Most grown or in college. My youngest used to be my grandson until I had to adopt him ( my daughter his mother is sadly consumed by drugs)
He knows me now only as mom. This site has been a light in my life! I have bought a smash journal and read every encouraging word daily. I feel so blessed to have found this site.

Mallory said...

I'm Mallory Paige. I'm on a mission to increase self-esteem and joy by bringing handmade back to life. I've experienced firsthand the effect that creating has -  it is some beautiful, powerful stuff. I create, grow, savor and live online at Thanks for the opportunity to say hi to everyone :)

Carrie Orth said...

Hi, My name is Carrie.  I am a mom to 4 young children, including twins and an aspergers child.  I have a masters degree in Education but am now a SAHM.  I am founder of Six Figure Moms At Home.   I love to help others create healthier and safer homes by teaching you how to be an educated consumer.  I recently started a blog to help motivate moms and others to live their life to the fullest.  Check out my sites:

Kari D Schmitz said...

Hello ladies!  My name is Kari, I'm new to the blogging world and have happily found my way here...  I am from St. Paul, Minnesota and the proud Mama of 3 amazing kids.  I was diagnosed with cancer last Feb. at the age of 35; and that has rocked my world.  It has changed my life in so many ways, and I can finally say that I am a better person now because of it.  I am passionate about inspiring and educating others to be intentional about the way they live their lives in mind, body and spirit.  I would love to connect with you- you can check me out at:

In health & happiness, 

Ritama said...

Love it that you love Brené Brown too! I all all over her videos and books - and have her Authenticity badges on my site too! You have a lovely blog :)

Jan said...

I am Jan. I live in NC. My children are all grown, but I have the three most precious granddaughters allowed! I had brain surgery last week, so I'm trying  to have as joyous recuperation as possible. In my former live, I have been an 
RN, Second Degree Reiki Practitioner, and practiced Healing Touch. I don't mean for all of those to sound in the past tense, it's only nursing I'm not able to practice right now. I'm well on my way to recovery--I've had lots of prayer and loving care from friends and family. This is a beautiful blog and I check it frequently. I wish you all peace, Jan

Ritama said...

Hey Alexis, 

What software are  you using for your splendid site? I love the images and the windows that open up with the posting. And I love the posts too :)  In addition to being the Bath Tub Diva I'm a web developer and am always looking for sweet spots on the net and yours is one. 

Thank you in advance for sharing!


Ritama said...

Is it a free blogger template? Just noticed the Blogger icon....

Ritama said...

I love Oz! And I hate clutter too! Where are you in Oz? I have many dear friends in Sydney and Byron Bay - last was there about 12 years ago and can't wait to go again. 



Ritama said...

Hey Kate, 

I have a blog called The Bath Tub Diva and I'd love to feature your products on it some time soon. Just getting it started up again after an absense and am looking for people like you to feature. 

Will be in touch. Your products look delicious!

Clairepanger said...

Hello! I am Claire, I live in Chicago IL. I have a history in acting/theater but am also a massage therapist/bodyworker. I am learning a new modality that I am super excited about called Structural Integration, based on the work of Ida Rolf. This work is literally changing my life as a practitioner and as a person; it literally frees up your body, and thereby frees up your mind and energy. Check out my blog/website about it:
I am also a poet and love to come to this website for the beautiful quotes and pictures (also how I got into bentlily). I come to this website also any time I need a little lift, comfort, or reminder to reset my brain waves- so I can see how life can open up not close down. Thank you for the light you put out into the world and all the other amazing people you connect with here!

Grace Stevenson said...

Hello! I'm Grace. :]
I'm a junior in college, studying to be an elementary school teacher - because all I want to do is make a difference in this world. 
I love sunshine and am a complete hopeless romantic. I'm all about Taylor Swift's music and style, I volunteer like crazy, and I work as an RA so that I can help college freshmen  create a home-away-from-home and become successful (and happy!) young adults. 
My blog is where I just talk about life, write some poems, and share little things that I find cute or funny. I don't post too often because I'm working on my writing style and saving more time to think deeply about life. I crave constructive criticism though - have at it!
I follow this blog because I've been told I wear my positive pants too tight, and it's nice to see others with a passion for positivity! That's what make the world go 'round though, right? Also, my boss had shown me the How To Rock This Trip Around The Sun e-book and I just had to know about this website! 

Peace, love, & sunshine to all you beautiful people! <3

Lindy Gruger Hanson said...

Hi all, this is such a nice idea. Thank you Amanda.
My name is Lindy Gruger Hanson and I'm a peace lovin' artist living in Prescott, Arizona with my love, Greg, and our two border collies. I've always wanted to live in the Southwest and now we get to! We just moved here from Bend, Oregon and we only know a couple people in town so far. We're having to reestablish ourselves as artists in this new area and it's a challenge but we are loving the path we are on. I create colorful, whimsical art to lift your spirit. My website is and my blog is at
Good thoughts,

Rebecca said...

I love that you describe yourself as "perpetually, irritatingly happy" :) I never understand how happiness could be irritating to anyone. It's wonderful and infectious to smile and radiate joy!

Rebecca said...

That sounds amazing Mary! :) It's my dream to foster or adopt one day. There are so many children out there who are desperate to find a loving home. Love Without Boundaries is doing amazing work. I've just 'liked' the Facebook page, and I'm looking forward to finding out more!

Rebecca said...

Hi Flo! That's funny, I just came across the Wide Sky Days website recently. I LOVE the whole unschooling movement. I don't have children yet, but me and my boyfriend are already certain that we want to go down the radical unschooling route with them. Maybe we'll come to your conference one day! (Although we're in England, so it'd be a bit of a trek..!)

Also, your life honestly sounds so idyllic. I bet it's gorgeous on the California coast. It's my dream to live by the sea.

Rebecca said...

Hi Kari! Your blog is gorgeous. I really enjoyed browsing it just now, and I popped over to Facebook to 'like' your page too :)

(How scary is it about the McDonald's meal not rotting?! I don't even remember the last time I ate there, and I'm so glad! I just showed my boyfriend that Flickr picture of the 524-day-old Happy Meal and he's thoroughly disgusted.)

I love the message you're spreading. It reminds me of the book I'm reading now - 'Crazy Sexy Diet' by Kris Carr. I also just got started watching the second series of 'The Big C'. It's so inspiring how such an earth-shattering diagnosis can change your life in such a profound way. I'll definitely be keeping up with your blog :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Amanda, and hi everyone! I love this idea Amanda. I've come across some really interesting websites by reading all the comments so far. I sometimes wonder who else is reading the same blogs as me, so it's lovely to find out! :)

I'm Rebecca, I'm 24 and I'm from England. I'm a school teacher by day and I'm working on building my passion business by night. I blog over at I'm passionate about yoga and the benefits it can bring to our lives (not just physical, but emotional and spiritual too). I write about using yoga as a tool to OWN your blissful life. 

I live for writing, yoga, reading, running, holding hands and daydreaming. I often say I'm more of a dreamer than the world wants me to be, but I truly believe that our dreams can come true.

I love Kind Over Matter and I look forward to the daily updates in my inbox. I adore the printables, but I haven't shared any of them yet. However, I'm inspired by people's stories of putting them up in public places, so I'm making that my next quest! :)

Have a gorgeous day, lovelies!

Amy Palko said...

Hello lovelies!

I'm Amy Palko and I'm a soul writer, intuitive, goddess guide and a knitter of soulskins. I write stories about goddesses and full moons, and I provide goddess guidance on a daily basis to my beautiful group of ladies - serving, supporting, comforting & connecting them to their goddess selves is the highlight of every day:
A few other details: I live in Edinburgh, Scotland in an apartment by the deep harbour. I have 3 kids who I home-educate. I've been with my beloved for 15yrs now. I'm an enthusiastic tweeter (@amypalko) and pinner (amypalko). I drink more tea than is probably good for me. You can read some more random details here, if you're interested:

I so look forward to connecting with you!!

Deb - home life simplified said...

I was in Sydney for 8 years and now in Brisbane for 5! I love Australia and only wish it was closer to family and friends in the Northern Hemisphere!

Angela Ivy said...

Hi! I'm Angela Ivy, I'm a deep intention teacher, self-love coach, and life-expander to women who want a rich, luscious relationship with their Self; women who have sensed their innate wisdom and seek gentle guidance toward healing and genuine self-love.  I'm moving toward the completion of my Spiritual Life Coach certification and seeking two lovely souls who are ready to Show Up and Shine in a BIG way!  If you're interested, check out; sign up for my blog posts while you're there!  Or connect with me through Facebook at:

Bonita Rose K said...

HI everyone.. I love this blog... so much good things ea and every day.. Amanda, you inspire me! I live in Fargo ND with my hubby Greg and our dog Angel. I am a creative biz entrepreneur and feel blessed every day I am able to do what I love and grow my business every day. I have a Creative Studio bursting at the seams! Utter chaos some days! I love to write, blog, take photos of my life and loves. Some of my other interests are paper crafting, jewelry making, home decor, DIY, and more. I am a lover of Pinterest! Come and say HI.. I'm usually online at some point during the day and friend me on FB!

Links below:
shop zibbet
shop etsy
Flickr portfolio

I've been busy lately up in the Studio introducing some new items for my shop and business, Vintage Button Collections, framed in gold, and Cupcake Blooms Shadowbox Kits! So much fun.. and beautiful decor for your home or studio! Perfect and just in time for the busy wedding season!

Come and say HI....
I love this blog and look forward to meeting so many of you!
hugs, bonitarose

Deborahjulian said...

Hello everyone. My name is Deborah. I'm a photographer living in New York City with my husband and 3 cats. Besides street photography I also create cat art images using my 3 lively cats as muses. I would love to make a living from my street photography but the cat art cards, prints and other items I sell in my Etsy shop are much more popular. I am fortunate to be able to combine my love of art and animals and to make a career of it. I have always been an animal lover, have always tried to help animal rescue groups. Now I feel like my three rescues cats are helping me.

I love your blog posts. Always so inspirational!

Dyamond Robinson said...

Sending you lots of love and light for your healing journey. 

brenda said...

Hey there! I'm Brenda, a daily painter from Maine, in love with abundant color, blissful creating and life in particular. If you'd like to see my art and the process of creating it please visit
I'm also working on an interactive painting project using images sent to me from all over the world. It's called One Hundred Hands and focuses on the stories told by hands

Hannah Marcotti said...

 <3 That was so beautiful Amy!

Amanda Oaks said...

Thank you Sarah!  

I suffered from multiple, daily panic attacks in my early twenties, it was a really rough time in my life.  I'm sending you deep love now & on your journey through your healing. Thank you so much for sharing & I'm rooting for you.
xoxox <3  

Amanda Oaks said...

Ellen, you are an angel.  How lucky your youngest is to have you in his life.  

Aren't Smash Journals AMAZING?!?!  I hope to show mine off in a post in the future, it truly has been a life-changer for me.

Sending you love, thank you so much for being here <3

Amanda Oaks said...

I so agree, love your work & your site + your product photos, WOW... swoooooooon! <3!

Amanda Oaks said...

Brenda!  Your work is so, so gorgeous!  I LOVE your One Hundred Hands Project...  how are submissions going?  Are you flooded with submissions or are they at a good rate for you?  Just curious :) <3

Amanda Oaks said...

Thank you so much for your kind words & sharing your beautiful Bonita! <3!

Lisa @ Adventures of 2.0 said...

Hi! I'm Lisa. I blog about books because I love the connection that books can give to people. I've made so many friends through blogging that I never would have met otherwise. When I'm not online I'm either at uni finishing up a degree in Philosophy or at work teaching English.

I'm a 22 year old brit who has lived in Barbados since I was 9, and my beloved and I are going to get married in the next year. I'm just trying to work out how all these bits and pieces work together to be something I'm really happy with. Oh, and I love (and have) cats. :) 

Lisa @ Adventures of 2.0 said...

That hair clip in your slide show is GORGEOUS!  Thanks for sharing your link, I'm so glad you did. :) 

Lisa @ Adventures of 2.0 said...

That is an amazing goal! It's on my bucket list to do an RV trip to everywhere. I wish you the best of luck! :) 

Amanda Oaks said...

Wishing you peace, love & light through your recovery, Jan.  I just love that you are a nurse & practice Reiki...  I've been reading that more & more nurses/medical practitioners are using it & that makes me so happy.  Does your place of employment encourage it?  Thank you <3

Amanda Oaks said...

It so was, wasn't it?!  Love you two! <3

Lisa @ Adventures of 2.0 said...

What an interesting combination of media. You have some beautiful and interesting pictures on your blog. :)

Hungryvegantraveler said...

Hello KOM peeps!  My name is Amanda and I write the blog, Hungry Vegan Traveler  -  It's also on Facebook  -  The blog focuses on traveling near and far as a vegan.  There's more emphasis on vegan living than vegan traveling right now because I'm involved in several other projects, but there are exciting things to come with my blog (and, therefore, my life!).  I hope you'll check it out!

Claire Lopez said...

Hi Kate. I did something similar 30 years ago with a dear friend, We traveled for about 4 months and it was one of the highlights of my life.

Sue said...

Thanks so much for doing this Amanda!  I love finding new (to me) blogs and people to connect with.  I always look forward to stopping by Kind Over Matter to see what's new:)
My name is Sue.  I'm in Wisconsin.  I'm very new to blogging.  I'm also a prison social worker by day.  My site is, and I'd love to connect with others who are designing a life that meets their dreams.

Amanda Oaks said...

I agree <3 

Claire Lopez said...

Hello from one Claire to anotherQ

Claire Lopez said...

Howdy neighbor! I'm n of FW too (Saginaw). Nice to see a fellow Texan!

Lizzie Larock said...

Thank you, Amanda, for this m & g opportunity...  I'm a restaurant owner, mother of twins, marketing consultant, iphoneographer and compulsive journaler.  My blogging has mostly been for clients and I'm just beginning to find my voice on my own blog.  I'm ecstatic to launch a creative eye phoneography class (online) in the spring with an emphasis on self reflection & exploration through both photography & writing.  I live online here:  Offline, I live in a ski area in Colorado.  Right now I'm parked in a beach chair down in Florida for a little family vacation (so lovely).  And I look forward to connecting with you all.  xo

Claire Lopez said...

Amanda -- thanks for doing this!

I'm Claire, a 54 yo writer living in Texas w/ my sweetheart and 2 dogs. My 2 children are grown (in theory!) and I have a grandson. I'm working on a novel and started a blog this year (loving it!).  I write about all kinds of stuff -- even I don't know what's coming next. check it out:

I've been clicking on links as I read through the posts so I'll be stopping by. You have been warned! Have a fantabulous day!

Alicia said...

Hi, I'm Alicia and I'm obsessed with paper and recycling. I love green, live green and love educating others. I'll be teaching at a local library here in Texas later today. Feel free to check out my work here or let's chat on twitter, I'm laalicia

Have a great weekend! :)

Lucy H Pearce said...

Greetings Amanda, and readers all! I love having this beautiful blog appear in my mailbox!

I am just launching my first book - Moon Time: A guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle. It is an empowering book to help you find balance in your life: a guidebook for your journey through the dark and light parts of the cycle.
If you are looking for...


deeper harmony with yourself and your cycle

 greater self-knowledge and self-acceptance

rituals to express your feminine creativity

an enhanced relationship with your family at “that
time of the month”

 a way to balance your hectic life and your body's

 positive language to describe your body and its
            how to create a red tent or moon lodge

natural ways of dealing with PMS

knowing how to celebrate you daughter's impending

a greater connection to nature's cycles, seasons and
the moon

 Then this is the book for you!

It is available in both e-book and paperback from my site and Amazon.

On my site, The Happy you can:
Read reviews of it,
Read the introduction,
Download a complimentary copy of the integrated cycle chart
Listen my presentation on Honouring Your Crazy Woman
Buy the colour illustrated e-version.

You'll find me blogging here

Thanks for the opportunity to share this with you

Suzanne said...

Goodmorning, my name is Suzanne van Vliet and I live in the Netherlands. I'm a stay at home mum of two and I am married and in love with my husband. My daughter is now seven years old and my son has just turned three. As a woman I try to bring happiness in this world one smile at a time, one self made gift after the other, one backrub at a time. I love being creative and a bit crazy

Hannah said...

Hi Im Hannah,
I live in the middle of England. I will be 30 in a few months. I have been blogging since 2008 which I started as a way of recording and sharing my creative journey and how it helps me live with my chronic migraines.  I have a restricted life in some respects but in a lot of ways I live a a very full life, I write for a craft magazine, I am studying art, I crochet, art journal and go wherever else my creativity takes me all from my home. Now I use my art and blog to explore ways to live a joyful life despite constant symtoms.

If you want to know more my blog is here:

Leiah Stevermer said...

Hi, I'm Leiah and I'm an artist (it took me awhile to come to terms with actually calling myself an Artist!). I'm 24 and am from Minnesota but now living near D.C. During the day, I do graphic design and t-shirt designs for a small eco-friendly/organic online store:  I love my job :)

In my free time I sketch, draw, color, paint, read, cook, and pin the heck out of my Pinterest boards :) I blog (erratically) for creative documentation.
Struggling right now to find my own personal path in life... my own creative business? Teaching? Going back to school? I feel like I'm actually an ADULT finally, so what am I supposed to do now?


Nancy Lennon said...

Hi. I am Nancy. I love anything that uplifts the heart, including angels, rainbows, puppy kisses, listening to music while cooking, nature, and connecting with people. I stop by Kind Over Matter often for uplifting! Thank you so much Amanda!
I am a Reiki Master, Angel Therapy Practitioner, and Animal Whisperer. I have been taking some time off, while my daughter recovers from the death of her finacee. I developed anxiety during the recovery process. I found taking photos brought me into the present moment and was very healing. 
I recently started a blog to share hope and upliftment. My wish is that the photos and words help your heart feel lighter, like looking at a radiant rainbow in the sky. Stop by to visit. I am excited to look at all the great blogs listed here! Angel Blessings, Nancy

Tejae Floyde said...

Hello Amanda all the way from Colorado! My name is Tejae (pronounced tee-jay).

I'm an artist with a passion for creating heart shaped art. I sculpt small heart shaped keepsakes with inspiring positive messages of encouragement & love. The hearts celebrate love and are keepsakes to remember loved ones.

I enjoy getting your blog updates in my email. Always positive and sure to brighten my day!

Thanks for the meet and greet!

♥ tejae

Peggy Helfrich said...

Hi everyone!  First, thank you Amanda for this opportunity to meet some really great fellow creative minds.  My name is Peggy and I create for a living and live to create.  One of my passions are Tuckaway Hearts ... they have been born from a dream (lliterally).   I spend every possible second I can making them and promoting them for fund raisers etc.  If I could get them 'out there' a little sooner and a little easier I know they would help bring some sunshine and hope to those who need them.  My blog is and my etsy store is   Come and visit ... stay awhile and take away with you all of the goodness and happy thoughts that you can. <3

Alicia said...

Love our work. The jewelry is gorgeous

Theresa said...

Hi, my name is Theresa and I have a little shop on etsy.  I love faeries, nature, and art.  I live in CT with my awesome hubby and two beautiful Keeshonds, Willow and Neo.  I also have a blog where I share my work, loves and explorations in nature.  I'd love for you to stop by and let me know you were there.  I adore Kind Over Matter and appreciate all the hard work Amanda puts into it.  It's a joy to visit here, and I get so much from all the inspiration and brave souls who share.  I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer, as it is a part of who I am.  Sincerely, Theresa

Katrina said...

Hello, Friends! So nice to connect. Thanks, Amanda, for the opportunity. I'm Katrina, wife, mother of 4, friend, smiler, red wine drinker. I've blogged for 5 years about our fun and crazy life, have been featured on WordPress's "Freshly Pressed" site, am the "Mom Blogger" for Indy's Child magazine, and have a book titled, "Table for Six: The Extraordinary Tales of an Ordinary Family" that's available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. My first novel (Three of Eva) is currently in the able hands of a NYC agent. I write to connect, to share, to create community. I feel my work has been done well when someone says, "I thought I was the only one..." Please join me if you're so inclined at There might be wine... or cookies. Maybe. XOXO

Lisa Marie Tsering said...

I am Lisa from MN and am a graphic designer, artist, mother, avid reader, and inspired individual. I love celebrating creativity and its positive influence, am dedicated to social change and to nurturing ideas, and am passionate about beauty, art, and design. I have my own design studio where I provide branding, illustration and graphic design services to non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and creative professionals.

Life is beautiful!

My website:
And a special shout out to a non-profit near and dear to my heart in the Twin Cities - Art Buddies!

brenda said...

Thank you kindly, Amanda. The rate is perfect for me. I've set no time I paint hands when I feel like it and lots and lots of other things when I don't. The cool thing is I didn't realize how the stories would unfold when I began the project. Hands are so expressive.

Linda Kukulski said...

Hello all the 'Lovlies' out there!
I am Linda K.  I live on Vancouver Island on the beautiful west coast of Canada.  I am a photographer and artist.  Currently I am making digital art and selling on Etsy.  I will put up a link at the bottom.  I would love you to come and visit.  People always ask me what it is I do and what do people who purchase from me do with my designs, so I'll give a small explanation here.  I make beautiful, whimsical, romantic, seasonal etc. designs using vintage images, advertising, letters etc, combine them in pleasing way, usually in a set of four or six on one sheet.  People can buy this digital sheet and use my designs in their craft and art projects making tangible items for sale.  You are allowed to use them for small business.  I try to keep things fresh and seasonal so I usually add something new every day. I am a new grandmother to my first granchild, Everett who is almost eight months old.  What a joy it is to be a grandmother!
I want to send 'Get Well Soon' thoughts to Jan whose letter precedes mine. 
All the best to everyone, and thank you for inviting me to post here.  I love all the inspirational items you send.
Linda K.


Naomi said...

Well, how nice this is! I'm Naomi and I've been enjoying this blog for a few months now.  I live in Houston, where it's only bearable to live for a few months out of the year.  It's winter now and it's been in the mid-70s, so I'm already plotting on how I can escape for the dreaded summer.  I have a blog at that I LOVE and a sweet 3 year old daughter that takes most of my time and attention.  Happy to meet you all!

Helen Tremethick said...

Thanks, Amanda! I appreciate the site compliments. I *just* relaunched a week or so ago and am pleased with the way everything has turned out.

This is my year of breaking boundaries and going big.

In the same vein, I need to update my profile pictures. I recently cut (most of) my hair off into a curly Pink-meets-Rihanna faux hawk with a little pompadour. It's fun ... and *really* different for me. Like I said, breaking boundaries.


Lisa Marie Tsering said...

I am Lisa from MN and am a graphic designer, artist, mother, avid reader, and inspired individual. I love celebrating creativity and its positive influence, am dedicated to social change and to nurturing ideas, and am passionate about beauty, art and design. I have my own design studio where I provide branding, illustration and graphic design services to non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and creative professionals.

Life is beautiful!

My website:

And a special shout out to a non-profit near and dear to my heart - Art Buddies!

Shelley said...

Good Morning!! Thank you Amanda not just for this but for all of the amazing, beautiful things you share with us on Kind Over Matter!! I am a wife, mother, brave girl, daughter, sister, artist and hard worker in the beautiful state of Wyoming!! Living at the base of the Big Horn Mountains! I have fully furnished vacation rentals that are available if anyone wants to visit my part of the country, I have a fall art and furniture sale called Born in a Barn at our ranch, all kinds of artist and antique dealers come to sell their wares here in September. I love to Art Journal, make angel wings from old dictionaries, cook, and share my peaceful life with those who wander into it. I have a blog, that has been neglected of late,, and again, thank you for this little oasis you have created!!

Susan Porter said...

Thank you so much Amanda for this opportunity to connect with kindred spirits. My name is Susan. I'm a mixed media artist, teacher, writer living and working in the hills of northern California. I started a project on Valentine's day, Random Acts of Art. This is an on-going project that feels sooooo good. Please stop by my blog and check it. Join us as we spread the love one token at a time.

alli said...

Hi there!  I'm Alli Woods Frederick.  I'm an artist, photographer, writer, reiki
master, intuitive & zombie slayer extraordinaire.  I am also the art editor for
All Things Girl Magazine.  I have a deep and
abiding love of fancy dress, Bruce Campbell, Bob Hope, Adam Ant, the
1930′s & tea parties.  I have a borderline
unhealthy obsession with ghosts, shoes, zombies, the deep south, England
and glitter, though not necessarily in that order.  You can find my love emanating throughout this
universe as well as all parallel and imaginary ones…’cause it’s all
about the love, baby.

My photography has been featured in F-Stop Magazine & All Things Girl and my writing has been featured on and in The Radical Uprise Issue #021: Grow/Create. You can view my photography & fine art at (currently undergoing a facelift, so check back soon for a more organized and beautified site).  You'll find me blogging about whatever strikes my fancy at  If you are interested in contacting me regarding my freelance work feel free to use the Contact info on KissesAndChaos.  You can also get all the info on scheduling a distance reiki session (along with a handy reiki faq) there too.

linmayk said...

Hello to all the 'Lovlies',
I am Linda K., photographer, artist, writer. I live on Vancouver Island on the beautiful west coast of Canada. I am currently selling my digital collage designs on Etsy. I would love if you came by for a visit. You can purchase my designs for use in your own small business, crafts, scrapbooks and any creative ideas you come up with. You will see that I offer beautiufl, romantic, whimsical and seasonal art, with lots of Paris and French themes. I try to add new designs each day. I will add links so you can come by.

I am a new grandmother to a baby boy named Everett who is almost eight months old. What a beautiful event becoming a Grandmother is! You will never know how big your heart can swell until it happens to you!

I love recieving all the inspiring items you send out Amanda. Thank you for the invitation to post on here, I hope to meet all the others who do the same on this blog.
Best wishes to all,

linmayk said...

Hello to all the 'Lovlies',
I am Linda K., photographer, artist, writer. I live on Vancouver Island on the beautiful west coast of Canada. I am currently selling my digital collage designs on Etsy. I would love if you came by for a visit. You can purchase my designs for use in your own small business, crafts, scrapbooks and any creative ideas you come up with. You will see that I offer beautiufl, romantic, whimsical and seasonal art, with lots of Paris and French themes. I try to add new designs each day. I will add links so you can come by.

I am a new grandmother to a baby boy named Everett who is almost eight months old. What a beautiful event becoming a Grandmother is! You will never know how big your heart can swell until it happens to you!

I love recieving all the inspiring items you send out Amanda. Thank you for the invitation to post on here, I hope to meet all the others who do the same on this blog.
Best wishes to all,

Katrina said...

Hello, Friends! So nice to connect. Thanks, Amanda, for the opportunity. I'm Katrina, wife, mother of 4, friend, smiler, red wine drinker. I've blogged for 5 years about our fun and crazy life, have been featured on WordPress's "Freshly Pressed" site, am the "Mom Blogger" for Indy's Child magazine, and have a book titled, "Table for Six: The Extraordinary Tales of an Ordinary Family" that's available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. My first novel (Three of Eva) is currently in the able hands of a NYC agent. I write to connect, to share, to create community. I feel my work has been done well when someone says, "I thought I was the only one..." Please join me if you're so inclined at There might be wine... or cookies. Maybe. XOXO

Akephart83 said...

 Hello everyone. Im amy. I live in a small rural area of central PA. Have 3 children and married for 5 years this july (together for 11 years).

I recently jumped into starting a career with art/photography (im attending college for graphic design, year 3 of 4). You can find my art/photography at : and i also have a handmade shop here : I have always loved art and it def relaxes and de stresses me, especially when my kiddos paint with me <3

Ive been dealing with panic/anxiety attacks for quite some time, and alot of the inspiration from your site has helped me along the rough path. My husband and children have def. inspired me as well to push through the bullcrap and try to get back to life without the anxiety.

love to all!<3

Akephart83 said...

 Hello Sarah :)

I too have struggled with anxiety/Panic attacks starting in my mid 20's , ill be 29 next month, and i still struggle with them at times. Heres to overcoming them!!

Katrina said...

Umm. Sorry I posted this twice. I forgot to add "technologically challenged" to my description. :(

Katrina said...

Umm. Sorry I posted this twice. I forgot to add "technologically challenged" to my description. :(

Alexis Yael said...


It is a free blogger template! It's actually the new blogger design interface called "dynamic view." I think the one I have set as default is flip card but one thing I love about dynamic view is that the reader can choose which view they want. Although it does not work on mobile browsers and there are some other bugs/ problems bc it is new(ish).

I love the look of it, too!

Lisa Marie Tsering said...

My name is Lisa and I'm from MN. I am a graphic designer, artist, mother of a 3 year old, an avid reader and inspired individual. I love celebrating creativity and it's positive influence, am dedicated to social change and to nurturing ideas, and am passionate about beauty, art and design. I have my own design studio where I provide branding, illustration and graphic design services to non-profits, small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and creative professionals.

Life is beautiful!

My website:

Jillian Hart said...


I'm Jillian! I live in Denver, Colorado (US) and I work as a Social Media Strategist and Content Copywriter at a Web Development and Internet Marketing Agency. I blog at night and I am always keeping myself busy! I have 3 blogs (crazy, right?). They are which is my personal blog to post about RANDOM stuff. is my social media portfolio/social media help blog for everyone (this just started) is a site that features artists' work through photoshoots. The blog is not about me, but other products and artists to promote them! I am working on a project called Fab Handmade and it is an online store with a mix of different crafts/arts. It will be promoted and linked to other artists' work! At some point I'd like ot make a magazine of work I come across!
I also teach social media classes on the side and in the middle of writing my own ecourse!

Thanks for letting me blab about my dreams!

Kate said...

Sweet -- thank you, Amanda! I was having a bit of a money anxiety day yesterday, until your order and another came in -- *whew*

Kate said...

 Awesome, Claire!

Kate said...

 Maybe we'll see each other on the road someday!

Apockylypse said...

Hello darlings! I'm Pocky, a 30-something geeky gal that likes to blog & craft. Right now I work an 8-5 job that isn't my cup of tea, but I'm trying to take a bit of my free time (if I can get any) to work towards starting my own crafty biz. I've been crafting for what seems like my whole life. I dreamed of making a living with crafts when I was little, but never really thought of it as more than a dream until this past year. Right now I'm in the planning stages, but I can't wait to open the virtual doors to an online shop this year.

Kate said...

 Ooh, love your blog! Just got distracted thinking about a chocolate cinnamon bath...

Yes, do get in touch! That'd be awesome.

Bean Paulson said...

Annabel and I have been (slowly) doing our 30 day course in our Smash books, they're so awesome!! She has three of those glue-stick-pen-dealies in different colors. Today I am working on a ladder of goals for something special that has been swimming around in my head for a few years. 

 -- to everyone else Hello! I am Bean! I have been on the intarwebz since the mid-90's and have posted/blogged in a lot of different places during that time. I am passionate about freedom, kindness, crafting/art-making, unschooling/life-learning and so much more! You can find me @ <3 

Debbie Brincks Schaefer said...

Hello there kindred spirits! Debbie here, a Wisconsin-based creative soul.  KOM is such a ray of light!  So inspired in fact that I a.) enrolled in Liv Lane's class to learn about blogging (love) and b.) jumped right in documenting my creative path of twenty twelve over at  This week on 2.14 we were creative in kindness (thank you Amanda for the inspiration): you all for the regular dose of inspiration and connection to so much love.Blessings!  

Carol Sturgeon said...

My name is Carol and I love the inspiration I find here at Kind Over Matter.  I share parts of myself and my life at  Wife and mother, my family and I have struggled with seven years of lean living. . .significant underemployment, the pending loss of our home with no back up plan yet and financial ruin.  Life is often a struggle and yet also rewarding and at times touched by hope.  

Becky said...

Hi everyone!  I'm  Becky in Oregon.  I do a little bit of a lot of things right now-- trying to dial in on my truest purposes!  I'd love to start blogging- was always an avid writer and creative, but got a little shy.  I'm a part time barista with three college degrees in education, science, and public health.  I'm envisioning running a non-profit relevant to one or all of those at some point in my future life.  I sell some fun fabric crafties on etsy in my spare time: .  My husband and I are also building up some steam in starting an investing business-- intending to help people buy and sell homes in challenging situations.  Travel and sea creatures have my heart.  I'm looking forward to being able to live a life with more of those in it.  :)  Have loved finding Kind Over Matter and recently inundated my local Target store with the take what you need signs-- I love spreading joy in the world!  XOXO

Amber Eilert said...

Hi Amanda & other crafty folks!
My name is Amber and I live in Sonoma, a small wine country town in Northern California, with my hubby & 2 sweet girls. I've started Hunt & Gather Papergoods to share my passion for wedding invitations and hope to get the word out there. So far, my Barn Invitations are a popular item and I'm crakning out orders like crazy (hooray!) I love that we can all share our creative juices, it's awesome! Happy crafting, Amber

Snb2b1025 said...

Hi everyone. I'm Stacey. I started the blog It's kind of a journal on my journey of self-discovery. I have a life list that I check off as I go. I'm not sure what my purpose on this earth is yet. I'm a photographer and a crafter.  I love your site.

Claire Lopez said...

Your paintings are awesome! Love your work

Ethan Waldman said...

Hey there! My name is Ethan and I run a blog called Cloud Coach. The goal is to help you live and work in harmony with technology. I love working with small business owners to figure out what technology will help them grow and then implement it. I also specialize in helping people deal with their (messy) email inboxes. I'm actually running a webinar on Thursday to help you learn how to create an inbox that automates itself.  Details on that are over at

I'd love to see some friendly faces from Kindovermatter on the call.  Anyhow, thanks for the opportunity and I'd love to hear from you!

Amber said...

My name is Amber and I'm 25. I live in a tiny 1920's bungalow with my husband and two babies in Washington State. I feel so fortunate that I am able to stay at home and play with them all day!
This year I am determined to take time for myself and follow my dreams of starting a creative business. I make all sorts of things and am currently trying to narrow it down and really find my niche.
I am passionate about healthy living and being conscious of my impact on the environment. I would love to connect with other artists and crafters who are interested in creating in environmentally friendly ways.

Stacey said...

Alexis your pictures are so lovely.

Stacey Reid Bosley said...

Carol, I'm sending you light and love. I can't wait to read your writing.

Stacey Reid Bosley said...

Amanda, I love your work. You are so talented!

Susie W. said...

Hi!  I'm Susie.  I live in Illinois.  I design and create my own greeting cards.  I enjoy paper crafting so much and I love creating and sending cards to family and friends.  And...sometimes to someone I haven't met, but only heard about through someone else.  It can really brighten someone's day!
I've "met" so many fellow crafters through my blog and found that, for the most part, it's a very caring community.
I recently opened an Etsy shop, which I'm very excited about!  Here's the link:
And this is my blog:

Amanda, I love your blog.  And I so appreciate all of the positive energy you send out to all of us, through your blog!

Patty Waite said...

Oh boy, this is cool.... even if I am like #150!  I am Patty.  I am evolving as a photographer/writer/artist.  I am finding that selling my work is not my goal.  I have done some of that and it is not fulfilling enough for me.  I love sponsoring creativity retreats and have a new one coming up here:
I have some workshops I want to teach and I have a dream for this journal project here:     I need to start stepping out of my comfort zone and moving forward on making a difference.  That is the most fulfilling!  Look forward to connecting with some of you!

Amber said...

I love your Etsy shop and your eco-friendli-ness!

Ame' said...

Hey Ya'll, I'm Ame'. Yes that is an apostrophe at the end of my name. (Fourth of July Baby = "Let's Shorten the Word America and See If Anyone Notices") I come from Mississippi, but I am currently living in China! I absolutely love living abroad. It's been a dream of mine since I was a kid. It just seemed so adventurous and abnormal that of course I had to do it. 
I'm technically a Foreign English teacher, but I spend most of my time working on foreign relations communications for the School of Informatics. 
In my spare time, I like to sing karaoke, cook, and bust psycho moves in my room to really loud music. 
I'm hoping to move into full-time writing (specifically travel writing) once I have money saved from my job here in China. My blog will be live soon. You'll have to come see it because trust me when I say the craziest, most hilarious things happen to me when I travel (like jumping a fence to Hades, almost getting a marriage arranged to a very hot Italian man, being served an entire meal of bugs, etc.) I'll let you know when it goes live!

Olivia said...

I am a high school junior who awkwardly balances full time college, a part time job, and starting an anti-human trafficking project. I've been blogging for several years, but trying something a little new recently. I'm really just stripping down to the very basics and trying to write honest and raw material - things that satisfy myself.

 Some of my loves include Doctor Who, Audrey Hepburn, Jesus, Zooey Deschanel, coffee, Regina Spektor, tea, chocolate, photography, the artistic community, entrepreneurship, and Pinterest. 

Olivia said...

leslie westphal said...

hi! what an honor to be able to post on your blog! first of all, thank you so much for your kindness! you are so inspiring~i am a new blogger and am so thankful i have found you! i have bought a few of your ebooks, and i really love that i have someone like you in my corner!  with my 4 kids, i try to
find inspiration in everyday things; patience in every moment (i have sat down to write this 4 times today and have had to stop and take care of someone each time!:)......and joy in every situation.  i love being a fun creative mom, and i am now trying to venture out into the world, with my own creative ideas! here is my blog:
i would love any feedback anyone has! good or bad! i appreciate any opportunity to learn and improve.  Thank you so much!
yours in kindness,

Samyogabali said...

Hi all, leenar here- all the way from Bali. I feel blessed and happy. Here's my home and you can read about the building of my project when I first arrived in this mystical island at

I wish all the magic and mystery of life...

Do stop by.

Carol said...

LIGHT, LOVE AND BLESSINGS TO ALL READING THIS!  I am so very blessed to have found this space.  I am Carol, aka: Mom, Grandma, sister, lover, teacher, counselor and FRIEND.  My home is in Southern California.  I have been teaching LOVE and  KINDNESS for more than 20 years.  I am a Reiki Master/Teacher with student throughout the world.  I've been a dedicated seamstress/toymaker and crafter from the age of 5 and teach classes in "Creating Consciousness", Psychic Development and much more.  Check out my website: and/ or if you feel inclined to get in touch more personally, drop me an email:  Dear Sweet Amanda,  you light up my life and soul.  It is not amazing that you know what you know, it is only amazing that you have learned it so young!  Thank you.

sos said...

I am Sou and am new to the world of blogging. I was inspired to blog mainly to create awareness about the poor position of women in South Asia and how the collective society suppresses women as a whole.

I would love to make a difference to people's lives and am still looking for what I would love to do :)

Here is my blog :

sos said...

I am Sou and am new to the world of blogging. I was inspired to blog mainly to create awareness about the poor position of women in South Asia and how the collective society suppresses women as a whole.

Here is my blog :

I would love to make a difference to people's lives and am still looking for what I would love to do :)

Christine said...

HI, im Christine from Germany. I live with my husband and my two little boys near Frankfurt. I have a blog where i write about our life, DIY and recipes:
I´m so happy that i found your site one year ago. I love it to read your posts. 
Be blessed!!!
Sorry for my terrible english....


The Dubious Hausfrau said...

Hi, I'm Tatiana the Dubious Hausfrau!  I'm currently a Canadian ex-pat living in Switzerland with my husband. At first my blog was about figuring out how to be a stay at home wife...then it evolved into a blog about finding the work home balance and in August we moved to Switzerland after my husband was offered a job with the branch of the UN. So now the blog is about being a stay at home wife again with the added element of being an ex-pat. So its about adventuring, home, our new home and just finding our way. Blog evolution is a beautiful thing.

Tat said...

Hi everyone, my name is Tat. First can I say what a great idea, I'm thrilled to find all these lovely people (though it looks like it's going to take me a while). I'm a stay-at-home mum, I blog about parenting, creativity and self-discovery at .

Tat said...

I've ordered Brene Brown's book a couple of weeks ago, now eagerly waiting by the mailbox. I bet the book would arrive a lot quicker if I was in the US or the UK... 

Leigh said...

I want to travel the country by RV too. I've been daydreaming that I'll do it when I leave Cambodia, but before I take on a new job. :)

Sassyangelac said...

My name is Angela but everyone calls me Sassy.  I'm a marathon runner, yoga student, writer, and self-styled Language Artist.  I produce gloriously messy, unprofessional digital images to accompany my written offerings and am an advocate of shrine building as a healing tool for damaged women.  I have crafted my own faith from what feels most right and true for me from several different philosophies.  Something I cannot explain is happening to my dreams so I keep a public diary just to document them until I figure it out.  I am employed by a non-profit agency that supports the developmentally disabled and I spend the rest of my time letting my creativity become a ministry; sometimes just a ministry to me, sometimes more than that.  You are welcome to visit at

iHanna said...

Hello everyone, nice to meet you! I'm Hanna from Sweden.

Right now I've got handmade postcards onmy mind, and would like to invite everyone interested in mail art to participate in the swap on my blog: 

Take care!

Charlene@A Pinch of Joy said...

Hi!  I’m
Charlene.  I have great curiosity about
many things – and my purpose in life is to help others realize their full
potential.   I found your blog one
evening just floating from one link to another and reasonated with your
story.  I had just banged my head against
the second great NO of my life – very different from yours, but still the same –
and drew from it some of the same conclustions. 
 I believe how we treat one
another matters.  Kindness matters.  We are all in this together and what we do
ripples out much further than anyone can imagine!  When I began blogging a few months ago, I
focused on the bits of joy we find in our daily life through eating healthy,
living well, developing and using our creativity, having fun, and reflecting
about life once in a while.   When we
appreciate and feel joy, it spreads to those around us.   You’ll
find me at   Look forward to your emails every time! 

Rebecca_Lea said...

Hi everyone!  Amanda, I'm so excited that you started this forum, I love your posts and website and am so excited to get to know some of the other like-minded people that you help and inspire.

I'm 40 years old, live in Central Illinois, and am on Social Security Disability.  This has been extremely difficult, as my health, both mental and physical, seem to be deteriorating at a frightening pace.

I try so hard to do things to renew my spirit and take care of myself physically, and your newsletter and website are a big part of that.  I know that loving myself is a huge part of my recovery and well-being, so you have no idea what a lifeline you are to me.

I so look forward to getting to know everyone and wish you all peace, health, and happiness!

Rebecca_Lea said...

 Ashleigh, I am so happy to read your post and your blog and to meet you!  I am quite a bit older, 40, but I have suffered from mental illness for the majority of my life.  Like you, I also have the goal of helping the general public understand and be more sympathetic towards people with "hidden" or "non-physical" disabilities.  I wish you the absolute best and look forward to getting to know your further.

Tara said...

Hello everyone! Before I begin, I just want to say how much I love and have found comfort in this website. But more on that in a bit...

My name is Tara, and I will be hitting my 25th birthday in the next couple of months. I am a dancer - I have my degree in dance - and dance teacher in Michigan. I love to teach all genres to kids who love the art form as much as myself. I am trying to move out to California to pursue my dream of teaching and choreographing professionally. I want to make a name for myself, and be successful at doing what I love. Being from a small community, there is nothing where I currently live to help me achieve that goal. I was trying to move at the end of the summer last year, but was unable to find a job, and became very discouraged. I am starting to feel so stuck in my life, and like I will never be able to make anything of myself. I believe that I have a gift, and I want to share that gift with the world.

I stumbled upon this website about a month ago, and I have found so much comfort in the inspirational sayings and blog postings here. It has made me feel better about myself, and that I am not a failure. I have started looking at my relationships differently (family, romantic, and friendships), and feel more at peace. Because of this newfound peace and strength, I have decided to move in August, and am scared, but I know that this is the right move for me. I would appreciate any thoughts sent my way, to help me on my way.

Thank you, everyone. This is a wonderful community, and I will certainly keep up-to-date on this website. If you would like to look at my work, my website is

linmayk said...

Hello everyone!  Thank you Amanda for this nice invitation to share with others.  I am an artist, photographer and all round creative whirlwind.  I am at a beautiful place in my life where I am able to create all day, every day, as the children are all grown and on their own.  I have a successful design business on Etsy where I sell digital collage sheets all over this world.
I live on Vancouver Island off the coast of beautiufl British Columbia, Canada.  I hope you will stop by my shop and have a look.  If you are a crafter, scrapbooker, stationery lover, you may find some designs you love.  People buy my designs for use in their work and in their  business, with a lot of people making 'hang tags' with them and selling them in their shops in Etsy.  It is such a lovely place to be!  You are welcome to use my altered artwork to make tangible items in small quantities.  I design beautiful romantic, vintage, French, Paris and period themes.  Once purchased I send the digital designs to your email, you recieve them right away and pay no shipping charge ( I love that!).
I recently became a Grandmother for the first time to a beautiful baby boy born in June.  What a lovely time for me and for him in our lives.
I have just registered for the Post Card exchange with iHanna, so I am already connecting by coming here-isn't that great?  I am so looking forward to recieving 'Real' mail.  I have always been a letter writer and stationery collector.  I used to write so many letters that I had to keep a record of who I wrote to and what subjects I wrote about so that I would not repeat myself.  My dream from a child was to become a Greeting Card Illustrator and so that is what I worked towards and it finally happened a few years ago.  I worked for a Canadian Card Company.
I work at home, and I work way too much and do not get out and socialize enough but that is where I am at right now.  I have a great life!
Wishing you all the best,
Linda K.

Amber said...

Fun! What a neat idea, heading over to your site now...

Amanda St.Clair said...

Hi all! My name is Amanda (St.Clair) and I blog over at and feel my purpose is to assist in empowering women as they explore their creativity. That's the path I walk as I explore the layers of my own being through art and writing. 

Thanks Amanda for such an inspiring and positive place to land each day here at KOM. :-D

Amy Palko said...

Oh, thank you! *blush* Love you guys so much too!! xxx

Ellen L. said...

I'm Ellen.  I live in Wisconsin with my husband and two children.  I love to watch dragonflies, garden, and sew.  I am a cancer survivor (carcinoid) and have been battling Parkinson's disease for almost fifteen years.  It is a cruel disease, stealing little pieces of who I am and what I can do. I try to find small joys every day.  Today, I'm enjoying meeting everyone here.  Thank you all for sharing.

Oh, I do have an etsy shop for the totes and purses that I make: linendragonfly.  I love making totes for people and I like to imagine the adventures they will have together.

Melissa Jaine said...

Dear Amanda, what a wonderful post, thank you :).

I'm Melissa Jaine and have (finally) begun artwork and an online life that I love. I wouldn't mind some feedback/advice - my 'thing' is that everyone has a story and I love seeing people accomplish their dreams. My intention for my artwork is to help people engage with themselves emotionally. I also sell art downloads for $1 with 25 cents supporting military charities and I interview a "Milspouse" (Military Wife) each week on my blog, in addition to my own writing, quotes and music videos. Not sure how - or even if - this all gels together?
I've attached my artwork titled "Kindess".

Brave Teacher Mim said...

Hello, KOM community!

I thought I left a post here on Friday, but I was whipped and don't see it!  I wanted to say {Thank you!} to Amanda, guest bloggers, and other folks who just leave comments.  Sometimes this is the positive corner of my universe.

In an effort to put my own positivity out into the universe, I've created  The whole purpose is to stir a revolution of courage and empowerment for all teachers.  I think we're all teachers, but some of us do it professionally, too!

If you want to join this gentle revolution that has grown out of my own struggle, check out Brave Teachers!

Victoria said...

Hello! I'm Victoria. I've been reading KOM for a long time. It gave me a lot of reassurance when I was about to sell everything I own, buy a sailboat, and move my family on board and begin to sail around the world. We're now in our fifth month of travel (so far San Francisco to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico) and we're getting ready to cross the Pacific, the biggest ocean in the world.  Have you read the children's book, Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney?  Like Miss Rumphius we want to  travel the world, live by the sea, and do something to make the world more beautiful. And like Miss Rumphius's great grand-daughter Alice, we do not yet know what that will be. We're sharing stories of our life at (Sadly, we'll be stepping away from the Internet for the most part for sixth months so we'll post as often as we can, but not get to read the sites we've loved for so long.)

Creative Sprite said...

 Wow!  I love this project!  Your artwork is amazing.  I'll be following you as you work on your project.

Creative Sprite said...

Hi Everyone, Thanks for the opportunity for the meet & greet.  My name is Nicole, and I go by the pen name Creative Sprite.  My blog is about manifesting my heart's desires and the ups and downs of going for what we desire.  So far I've created two of my four desires in a years time.  The remaining two have turned out to be far more of a deeper soul searching process than I had originally thought - finding my Souljob and Soulmate.  Not sure how all this will all play out yet.  It seems there is a lot of clearing work to be done before either of them arrive in my life. 

The process of sorting it all out has been an interesting one.  Cleaning out projects like sewing 1200+ tarot/oracle/crystal totes is a start, plus many more projects.  If you are curious about how the progress is coming with all my life desires and clearing projects check out my blog at the below link.

Thanks again for such a great way to meet other amazing bloggers and receive inspiration!

Melissa Ray said...

Hi Stacey, I subscribed to your blog - it's great! I also recently started a blog a few months ago and I feel like I can relate on many levels. Keep it up, you have wonderful things to share! I also love the color scheme and attractive!

You can check my blog out at 

Melissa Ray said...

Hi Hannah, you're very talented! I love looking at art journal entries online - they're always to fascinating, creative and inspirational. I also have a slight obsession with journals, I feel like a giddy 5th grader buying new school supplies when I find a new journal! Keep up the lovely work!

Melissa Ray said...

Hi Sue, its nice to meet you. I really enjoyed browsing through your blog and I'm excited to sit down and read through your posts. I am in the process of designing a life that meets my dreams (love that phrase!)...well I guess I'm still determining what those dreams are and trying my best to stay mindful, present and patient! Looking forward to learning more about you!

Melissa Ray said...

Wow, thank you for this forum Amanda! My name is Melissa, I'm 27 and live in Austin, TX. As someone mentioned in one of the comments (her name escapes me right now), I'm in the process of designing the life of my dreams...although right now I would say that I'm trying to rediscover my dreams. About 6 months ago I realized that I had allowed myself to settle for living a life that fit everyone else's standards - but not mine. Since then I've been trying to stay true to my intuition and heart.

I very recently opened an Etsy shop and I blog at - it's a little bit of everything, things I love, things that inspire me, my thoughts and creations. 

I've been craving a community filled with sincerity, heart and's so refreshing to see that I'm not the only one! 

Stacey Reid Bosley said...

Sarah, I'lll definitely read your blog. I have an anxiety disorder and I know the pain. Congrats to you on your sweet one year old girl!

Stacey Reid Bosley said...

As an educator I'll definitely check this out!

Stacey Reid Bosley said...

Olivia, please tell me you watch the new girl. Funniest show ever!

Jane said...

This is such a kind and generous idea, Amanda - thanks!

I'm Jane and I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. I blog at - it's my haven where I reflect on on my life as Jane-the-mum-of-our-3-pixies-under-7 and who Jane-the-person is. It's an endless journey of self-discovery. Sound familiar to anyone?! 

I'm a lawyer by profession but haven't been in paid work for the past 4 years as I've been a SAHM and recovering from severe PND. Our pixies are 6, 4 and 2½. Blogging is my lifeline to the outside world and has brought me untold pleasure. 

I've made gorgeous friendships which have spilled over into my personal life and provided me with tremendous support, especially recently when my Dad died and my husband lost his job and our only income.

Blogging has also allowed me to rediscover my creative side, something which has brought me such delight.

I really treasure your blog and all its positivity - thankyou so much for all you add to my life, Amanda!

J x

Nikki Shields said...

Wow! I just discovered this blog and it is fantastic. I feel like I belong here, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Nikki, also known as Starcat. I'm a writer and unschooling Mom to two awesome teens. I write mostly about personal spirituality - connection, dreams, creativity, practical tools to use to bring your spirituality into your daily life, and more. My partner and I have a business based on these ideas, called Feline Dreamers (, and I also have a blog called Starcat's Study ( As you can probably tell by those titles, I adore cats! I also love to read, do yoga, drum (I have a djembe), and make art (currently I'm into collage and knitting). I also have a Reiki practice (Just read your comment below, Jan, and wish you healing blessings!).
I guess that's all for now. I'm very thankful to have found this blog and want to join the list of guest writers!
Big Blessings,

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