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Spin Your Story : 200 Emotionally-Charged Writing Prompts to Stir Your Soul

Spin Your Story

200 Emotionally-Charged Writing Prompts to Stir Your Soul

108 Heartfelt Questions
42 Jumping Points
50 Questions for Artists

I’m going to be real with you, I was in a little bit of a creative rut. I was scouring the internet for a book that housed creative writing prompts. Not your typical & direct journaling-type questions, but juicy, poetic, summon your muse-type prompts.

Last month, I was invited to be a regular contributor in an impassioned monthly magazine & to a drop-dead gorgeous blog, both centered toward women, with this too, I've had this fierce desire to write. Before I became a mama I wrote a poem every day. I haven’t been exercising that muscle, instead, I’ve just been secretly pining to pen words, feeling inadequate because writing doesn’t come easily for me, I really have to work at it sometimes but it’s a craft I enjoy. My muse was tired of being ignored for busyness, lack of time & "nothing to write about" - when in all reality, I have everything under the sun to write about & I really should make time to do it because I love doing it.

This book began as a short list of prompts for myself to leap from, but three nights ago, I was in bed, in that oh-so-wonderful dreamy state just before slipping into slumber -- & at 11pm, I sat straight up, jumped out of bed & flew down the stairs after this thought floated through my mind:

Why don’t you create the book you are looking for?

Needless to say I was up for half the night... & here we are.

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This book is broken up into 3 sections, Placing the Stylus - 108 Heartfelt Questions like:

How are you living your vision?

What words are hiding on the underside of your tongue?

Finding Your Groove - 42 Jumping Points like:

I hold on to...

There's a space between...

Fidelity - 50 Questions every artist, of any kind, could ponder:

How is your relationship with your art?

What in your childhood moved you to create?

I created this book for you to jam & jump from. You don’t have to answer the questions directly, just read them, sit with them & see what happens. Since writing it, I’ve filled up quite a few pages of my Moleskine with ideas for poems, blog posts & stories for me to spin. I'm certain that it will do the same for you.

In Love & Gratitude,

$5 | PDF eBook

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Effy Wild said...

This came at the perfect time. Thank you. <3

Amanda - PersistentGreen said...

Oh, Amanda. What a treasure. I just bought my copy and started flipping through. Even the very first page of prompts has me with hand on heart, sighing, saying "Yes!" I'm so eager to dive into this book and use it in so many ways.

Now, here's my question to you: are you prepared for the outpouring of amazingness that so many people will be creating, based on YOUR book? :)

Congrats on another smashing success. I will be delighted to help spread the word however I can.

jewelsofawe said...

Looks cool! Love stuff like this!

Amanda said...

Amanda, your question made me sob today, like full out big beautiful tears - thank you for asking it. I love you so. I can't wait to see what it brings out of you.

Amanda said...

I'm so glad love, thank you! xox

julie cleary said...


Sarah Gilbert said...

Purchased! Looking forward to using these prompts for my blogs. Posted about it in my blog

Elle B said...

Amanda, what an inspired gift to writers! I just finished perusing Spin Your Story and can't wait to start using it daily.

Kathy Simoncelli said...


Alicia Hauptman said...

I just clicked to purchase with Amazon and the payment was successful, but I do not see how I download my purchase? Help????

Alicia Hauptman said...

nevermind, got it - thanks :)

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