Monday, June 27, 2011

Finding a Kind Faith with Rachelle Mee-Chapman

Guest Post by Rachelle Mee-Chapman for the Kind Kindred series.

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Finding a Kind Faith

Listen, what I want to tell you is this.

It is not kind to force your soul into a religion that does not love you back.

It does not matter that it was the faith of your fathers. It does not matter if it nurtured you for many, many years. It does not even matter if you made promises to it somewhere along the way. If the religion of your past is bruising your soul in the present, you are not doing yourself a kindness by staying there.

If you are in love with your current faith incarnation;
If you are supported and understood by your religious community;
If your faith is serving you well—
you don’t need to read this.
Here is a kiss for you as you go on your way. (Kisses, sweet friend.)


If you are hard-pressed to speak your truth in the place where you are supposed to find God;
If you have to be silent in what was supposed to be your sanctuary,
If you are hiding your true beliefs in order to belong—
then come with me.
Come with me and be kind to the little baby soul that lies within you, waiting, waiting for something good to get born.

You can find a spirituality that fits. You can create a set of beliefs that you are able to say out loud, without cringing—to anyone anywhere—because they are so deeply 100% yours. You can gather a tribe that will allow you to stand in your truth—a tribe who will not nod and “hmmm” at you in apparent support, while inwardly worrying that you are losing your religion. You can find withmates who will journey with you as you move through the questions.

This kind of re-creation will take imagination. It will take experiments, and laughing at your mis-steps. It will take saying hard goodbyes. It will mean taking a leap over the chasm and holding on to nothing but hope while you wait to see if land with a roll and a giggle on the soft green grass of the other side.

If your religion is a voice in your head telling you that you are too fallen to be worthy;

If you hear on endless repeat, the message that your beliefs, your abilities, your efforts towards goodness are not enough, are never enough:

If the bedrock of your self-understanding is that you are from birth, wrong

This is not kind. This does not serve you well. For if your faith is not kind to your soul, how can you in turn to be kind to this world? And the world needs you. You—full of kindness.

It is not indulgent to create a right-fit faith. It is not a rebellious to want spiritual practices that don’t leave bruises. Choosing to be kind to your soul is not sinful, or selfish. It is a saving grace – for you, and for those around you.

Come with me my friend, into a new kind of spirituality. It’s time to be kind to your soul.

Once upon a time Rachelle Mee-Chapman was an ordained evangelical minister. Now she creates customized spiritual practices for heretics, agnostics, and other creative souls. You can find out about her upcoming courses at Magpie Girl, or join her in Flock, an online soulcare community for women.

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choosingbeauty said...

Oh my GOD. Right on, right on. Shouldn't our spirituality lift us up and help us shine vs. beat us down and make us feel ashamed. Thanks for giving voice to this! 

Ktphotography said...

Beautifully said. This is coming from an Atheist, by the way. Even though I have no faith or spirituality in that sense, I can absolutely appreciate the beauty of this post, and agree 100%. Faith may not be for me, but I sure as heck know how much other people need it. Others require it like I require lakes, forests, stroganoff, and dogs.  And I wish more people were brave enough to realize that kindness is more important than traditions and practices that, as I see it, are extremely harmful. It breaks my heart when I see how many people think that they were born bad, and they must apologize for it.

Siobhan Wolf Shaffer said...

This is just what I needed today.  Thank you! 

Rachelle said...

Thanks so much for this perspective. I love it when we can all kindly acknowledge what each person values in their lives. I'll come worship at the lake with you. We can bring our dogs. (Mines a very fluffy bichon. Silly, but endearing.) :-)

Rachelle said...

Sing it, sister! :-)

Rachelle said...

You are so SO welcome. :-)

Amanda - PersistentGreen said...

Beautiful thoughts here, Rachelle. My sense of God is like a comforting Parent whose lap I can climb into when I'm worn out . . . and the rest of the time, we walk hand in hand.

Eric said...

you said... "It does not matter that it was the faith of your fathers. It does
not matter if it nurtured you for many, many years. It does not even
matter if you made promises to it somewhere along the way. If the
religion of your past is bruising your soul in the present, you are not
doing yourself a kindness by staying there. "

This is not about YOU.  it is about GOD and who he is.

You wnat to denie the role that god gave you in life, you want to believe that god gave you a lesser role in life.   There are no lesser roles in life.  Viewed from on high, all your works are worthless.  viewed through the eyes of god all life is valuable.  God desperately wants all life to survive.   but the nature of god is that "Sin MUST be punished".

We are born into a life of sin, so we are inherently challenged.  Challenged to find out the nature of GOD.  Challenged to find the Way/Truth/Life..  Of all the religions of the world there is only one where "GOD him self" comes to reconcile this conflict.  The one thing that man could NEVER do..

I challenge you NOT to float down a river of complacency.  Where men say that all rivers lead to the sea.   That sea is the pit of doom the lake of fire that will consume the wicked.  Follow Jesus and climb a mountain, find a Pierced hand streached from the heavens.  Mount up on the wings of eagles and sore to meet one who is ancient of days, a true ruler of our universe.

Child of God said...

Though you are correct, Eric, some are born to steal others from the faith. It is their calling. It is very likely that Rachelle is one of those and she is not able to be saved (Jude v3), but those she is deceiving are (Jude v23). She believes in journeying together but the bible says, we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling (Phil 2:12). I urge any who believe like Rachelle, those who have rejected their heritage of faith in God's truth, to read Truth Wars by John Macarthur. Your salvation is way too important to ignore, so please take the time to do this for yourself. Meanwhile, I will pray for those who God is calling out from this deception.

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