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Kind Kindred : Melissa : Operation NICE

Kind Kindred

You all know Melissa from Operation NICE, an amazing project that promotes being nice & kind -- which made asking Melissa to take part in Kind Kindred a no-brainer. She's seriously the sweetest person & Amanda & I are so excited about her Kindred post, I'm bouncing around in my chair right now, that's how excited I am. Happy Monday, everyone. Peace to you, always. - Jenn

I'm lazy. Incredibly lazy. And I regrettably admit it. My motivation is lacking to the point where I take a three hour nap pretty much every weekend. Sometimes both Saturday AND Sunday. *sigh* I should come home from work and sketch or read or plan my blog posts for the next few days. But instead, I sit my lethargic butt on the sofa and watch television. Thank goodness I married a neat freak or I'd constantly be surrounded by insurmountable mounds of laundry.

So what does my sloth have to do with kindness?

On my blog, I preach the importance of being nice. And the main point that I try to drive home is that being nice takes MINIMAL effort. Being nice doesn't mean you have to volunteer 80 hours a week. Although sure, that's great. And being nice doesn't mean you have to donate half your salary to charity. But that would be super too. A nice gesture is as simple as holding a door, saying hello, sending a "thank you" card, giving a hug, complimenting a person's get the picture.

If we all made a conscious decision to do these small things more often, we'd be a much happier (or at least less crabby) generation. You know that feeling you get when someone does something nice for you? Well, don't you get a similar feeling when YOU do something nice for someone else? Performing a kind gesture is rewarding in and of itself! So go get rewarded!

I overcame my desire to go to bed at 8pm and decided to doodle a little bit, especially for you. Yes, you're welcome. I made this sheet of ten Kind Cards that you can carry with you and hand out to deserving citizens. Maybe your barista slipped you an extra shot for free? How about a card that says "You just made my day!" See a mom who might be struggling with her crying child? She could use a "You're doing a GREAT job!" card. And my personal fave, if you know someone who's going through a little rough patch, the "You can do it!!" card works wonders.


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These cards are a cheap and easy way to be nice, maybe for someone like myself who might not have the time or energy to organize flash mobs of kindness. They are so simple, in fact, that you can print them out on Avery business card sheets, so you don't even have to pick up a pair of scissors!

So take it from a lackadaisical expert, being nice is a breeze. If I can do it, you can do it!

Melissa Morris Ivone is a Philadelphia-area graphic designer with a strong love for retractable erasers, Apple products, and hot fudge brownie sundaes. She began the blog Operation NICE in July 2008 when a stranger's nice gesture made her realize that the world would be a better place if we were all a bit kinder. Operation NICE encourages individuals to be proactively nice. In addition to promoting kindness, Melissa is an excellent procrastinator when it comes to her other favorite hobbies, drawing & crafting yet never procrastinates when it comes to a good afternoon nap.

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Unique2wh0 said...

Super nice!!! Thank you :-)

Cole said...

very NICE! I really liked this post. and very cute cards. :)

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [03 May 03:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Kim Mailhot said...

These are wonderful little added gifts of kindness to the world, Melissa ! Thanks to all of you great Chickies for the goodies.
Happy Monday !

Karissa - MomBlogWork said...

These are SO great! I'm going to print them today and start passing them to my daughter this week - she is going to love them! Thank you for sharing! We'll link to it on our site on this Friday or next Friday when we do our favorite links for the week!

Linda Kaplan Thaler and said...

Great job, Melissa! As you know, we share your belief that small acts of kindness can be a powerful force in improving your life and the lives of others. And, believe it or not, doing something as simple as giving someone a compliment can actually make you feel better. It's something psychologists call "The Helper's High," or "elevation." What's more, scientists recently proved that committing or even witnessing one random act of kindness encourages people to commit another. In other words, kindness begets more kindness! So keep on spreading the NICE word :)

Daveen said...

These are so wonderfully cute and NICE! Thank you. I'm excited about printing them out and also finding your blog. :)

Green Pickles said...

Love these! THanks for sharing!


S said...

Thank you for the notes, I know some people who will love to receive these.

LadyDoc said...

I just stumbled in here from another blog- this is WONDERFUL!!!

I hope you won't mind if I link your blog and Operation Nice to mine- such a fabulous, simple and yet powerful idea!

Su said...

came here from How Does She? I am looking forward to taking a look around your blog. I love these cute cards. . I want to print them out and stick them in my kids lunch boxes!!

more later-
Su Soutter
Raleigh, NC

Rosana Garcia Hess said...

I hope you won't mind if I link your blog and Operation Nice to mine- such a fabulous, simple and yet powerful idea!
Hugs from Brazil

jevvv said...

Just had a bunch of teens over for the main course of dinner last night (mid-progressive-dinner) and they had been required to do the dishes and any other chore I nominated as their thank you.

I handed each one of them one of these cards, as part of appreciating their efforts - you should have seen the delight on their faces :)

Emma said...

Thank you so much for sharing these. I love them :O)

Abby Kincaid said...

It's Sept 2011 and I see that others have downloaded this PDF, but I can't get it to work any longer.  I'm teaching some young girls next week, on how to be a good friend, and these would be so fun to arm them with as they leave my class!  Would someone be willing to email the PDF?

jevvv said...

Hi Abby - did you try just clicking on the link that says Download Cards Here?  Don't right click it, just click to open it.... I tried it again just now and it worked for me.

plastic002 said...

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Jen said...

I'm a teacher and would love to use these cards, but I can't seem to download them.  I click Download Cards and I get to the PDF file, but only about 1/3 of the page loads, then I see a message that says insufficient data to show an image (or somthing like that).  Please help!

Janet said...

Thank you so much for the awesome cards!! I'm going to use these with my students for motivation. I'm always trying to reward the students who are being kind and caring, so these will really help out.  :) Have a happy day!

Jen said...

I teach fourth grade, and give these to my kids -- they love them! They save them, and tape them to their folders and in their lockers! Even some of the "tougher" kids that I think won't appreciate, cherish these. Love, love love! Thank you so much for sharing.

SarahE said...

I love these but can't get them to work! The link just takes me to a blank page! Maybe I'll try again later!

Celina said...

I'm a counselor in San Antonio and we have used your cards so many times to spread a little kindness. THANK YOU! You make a difference.

Amy D. said...

Congratulations! I have featured your lunch box notes on my blog. You can check it out and grab your "I've Been Featured" button here

Amy@Some of the Best Things in Life are Mistakes

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