Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Freebie Printable Quotation Cards!

Kind over Matter Quotation Cards

DOWNLOAD: 8 Kind over Matter Quotation Cards

These can be used if you are card dropping (remember you get two extra entries in our current giveaway if you send us proof!), you can give them to your loved ones, put them on your inspiration boards, pack them in your etsy orders, use them as tags, the possibilities are endless!

If you'd like to use them as your desktop background, or maybe on your blog (credit us!) click on which or any you'd like & it will take you to flickr to download them!

Kind over Matter Quotation CardsKind over Matter Quotation Cards
Kind over Matter Quotation CardsKind over Matter Quotation Cards
Kind over Matter Quotation CardsKind over Matter Quotation Cards
Kind over Matter Quotation CardsKind over Matter Quotation Cards

Peace to you!

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Avlor said...

Delightful cards! How thoughtful of you to share!

Jenn said...

these are amazing, amanda! i love them and am totally going to drop some. =D

Rachel said...

This is so generous of you! Thanks so much. I am printing them right now so I can drop them around town later!

L~ said...

I will be printing these off and card dropping today - thank you!

Ellen Q said...

These are fantastic, I think I may make them into postcards to brighten people's day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating this wonderful site. Loved the Quotation cards. Thanks so much for sharing them so generously. Just a thought, are you able to make an editable version so that we can put in our own quotes and give them out to friends or strangers. The designs on the cards are really nice. Looking forward to that. Thanks again and keep up the wonderful work.

Wynn said...

nice! I used one of your images in my blog... ^_^

Cheryl Lynne said...

Thank you so much for creating this site! I was actually thinking of creating a blog like this to follow my expedition of dropping little thank-yous to people who share a smile or to strangers who may need it. My idea was to make little origami figures (something I've loved to do since I was little) and to leave them with a kind note. These cards are a wonderful thing to attach to my origami babies :) Thank you so much!!


Patricia said...

Thank you so much for all you have done with this site - I especially love these cards and have printed off a whole set for a friend and plan to give them to her at Christmas and make a New Years resolution to card drop regularly. I have been in a dark place for a couple of years and am slowly (and hopefully) climbing back into the light and using these cards is part of my way of saying thanks to the universal energies of light and to spread some kindness along the way.
Thank you again so much for sharing.

christi said...

love them! thanks!

Riechan said...

lovely cards! I'd love to print them and drop them but there's something wrong with the link :s

MCatherine said...

Just wondering if these are MAC friendly?

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